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5 Nov

the 10 most instagrammable spots in San Francisco.

i’ll finally be sharing my full San Francisco travel guide next week! it is long overdue and i get messages every week asking for it from those of you visiting SF! thanks for being patient! there are so many amazing things to do here in the city so i decided to break some of it up and do a separate post for the most instagrammable spots.

everyone who visits SF always wants to know the best photo opportunities. i’ve shot all over the city, and the ten spots below are my personal favorite. there are lots and lots of amazing locations to shoot here in this iconic little city {fun fact: San Francisco may seem like a big city but it’s actually only seven by seven square miles} but here are some of the best!

1. Hawk Hill

located on the North side of the iconic Golden Gate Bridge {driving away from the city}, the Marin headlands provide some of the most breathtaking views of the bridge and the city.

2. technicolor Mission home

this one is a hidden gem of mine that i bet you won’t find on any other SF guide! San Francisco is known for its unique, colorful homes and this one is probably the most fun home i’ve seen here in the city’s vibrant Mission District. add some serious color to your feed by getting a shot here!
address: 24th Street and San Jose 

3. Kirby Cove

just like Hawk Hill, Kirby Cove is on the other side of the bridge in the Marin headlands, but instead of up above you are down below! it’s actually a bit of a windy one mile hike to get down to the cove but it’s so worth it! i’ve heard the swing is sometimes taken down but hopefully you can visit when the swing is up and get this fun shot of you swinging underneath the world famous Golden Gate!

4. Palace of Fine Arts

this spot needs no introduction considering it’s one of SF’s most recognizable landmarks. it was originally constructed in 1915 and has been protected by the city because of its striking beauty and impressive architecture. my advice: visit at sunset {aka magic hour} because for some reason golden light looks even better when you’re at the Palace of Fine Arts.

5. Sutro Baths

this is such a beautifully, unique spot and i haven’t really seen any other place like it! it was originally a saltwater swimming complex built back in 1896 but it burned down in the 60s and is now just a bunch of very photogenic ruins right on the water. this spot is especially good if you’re looking for moody vibes. lots of people shoot engagement photos here!

6. Fort Point

this is one of Robbie’s favorite spots to run & take photos, and i must admit it’s pretty dreamy. Fort Point is the absolute closest you can get to the Golden Gate Bridge without actually being on it! you can get right under the bridge where the old military fort used to be. it’s really relaxing to watch the waves splash on the rocks & sometimes you can even watch surfers in the cold water!

7. Marshall’s Beach

this is my favorite beaches with a perfect view of the Golden Gate in the background. Baker Beach is the other popular beach spot, but Marshall’s is my personal favorite. i like how you can get the ocean and sand, but also mix it up with the dark rock coves.

8. San Francisco City Hall

when we first moved to the city, i fell in love with City Hall as soon as i laid eyes on it! the classic marble architecture with all the gold details is so dreamy. if you’re looking for something a little more formal/classy, this is the perfect spot. inside is just as gorgeous, too! the big grand staircase and natural light at the top floors make for the perfect photo shoot spot… and of course wedding ceremony!

9. Twin Peaks

this view of the city is unmatched! head out to Twin Peaks if you’re looking for that classic shot of the city skyline and beyond. you can either hike or drive up it.

10. The Painted Ladies

the opening theme for Full House made this cute line of homes famous & they’ve become a huge tourist attraction ever since. {the rainy photo below is how we first announced we were moving here!} get up on the little hill at Alamo Park across the street and grab this Instagram-worthy shot.