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10 Sep

10 NYFW essentials: what to pack on the go!

besides the obvious {outfits/shoes/accessories}, i thought i’d share a quick post of some of my essential items i bring to New York Fashion Week! this has been my fourth season attending, so i definitely have some experience under my belt. NYFW includes long days, potentially uncomfortable outfits {high heels for 12 hours/wearing Spanx all day/etc}, so i just wanted to share a few things that help get me through the week!

healthy snacks: NYFW is usually so jammed-packed with events/shows/meetings/etc that it’s hard to find any time to eat. i always bring healthy, filling snacks {usually something with protein} in my handbag to get me through the day. those include RXBAR and the serving size almond packets.

portable iPhone charger: covering shows and events on IG Stories means your battery will be drained super quick each day. i definitely bring a portable charger or two to ensure my phone doesn’t die.

cleansing wipes: long days means you’ll want to freshen up at some point, but busy schedules don’t always mean you can sneak off to your hotel to do so. love that i can pack these Lola cleansing wipes in my bag for a quick refresh!

hydrating mask: NYFW typically means lots of makeup/tired eyes/etc, so i usually like to mask once a night while here. i recently purchased Summer Friday’s Jet Lag mask that everyone has been raving about and i’m loving it! bonus points that it doesn’t need to be washed off.

point-and-shoot camera: love having a small camera i can carry around to vlog/shoot video and get quick outfit pics on the go! check out my selfie stick i use with mine here.

headphones: if you’re someone who travels a ton like me, it’s 100% worth it to invest in a pair of nice headphones. i love this pair of Beats because they cover my entire ear and are great sound quality.

mints: i’m not a gum gal, but i do rely on mints to freshen up my breath during long days! i pack the mini size ones in all my small bags.

business cards: you never know when you’ll happen to meet or sit next to someone you want to stay connected with for future business endeavors!

comfy flats: my bags usually aren’t big enough to carry a change of shoes, but having a reliable pair of flats around is always a good idea for late night dinners after a day of show/events. for all you commuter gals, love my Rothy’s!

bandaids: for the {many} blisters i get…

hand sanitizer: shaking hands, trekking around NYC, etc. means lots of germs! love having hand sanitizer around at all times.

lastly, i just wanted to link all of my outfits i wore this NYFW season below as well, so you can easily shop them all in once place!

clothing pieces:




can’t wait to share all of my full looks with you! stay tuned!