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6 Nov

10 ways to instantly look more chic every day!

this blog post is strictly about how to take your outfits to the next level and make them more fashionable! i say that because you all know my favorite way to rock any outfit is first and foremost with confidence! so first, put on your confidence britches and then add some of the below elements. ;] over the years {and lots of trial and error}, i’ve come to realize that it’s the little tweaks here and there that truly make an outfit stand out, not necessarily a crazy different look. does that make sense? i’ve always been a less is more type of gal when it comes to outfits and personal style {besides handbags.. then more is definitely more, haha!}.

every option below is a great way to add some pizzaz to your every day style, but especially for the holiday season! which element below is your favorite? tell me in the comments! xx

1. wear socks with heels
this is one of my favorite ways to elevate a dress + heels look! it’s so unexpected, but so cool all at the same time. next up for me to try: wearing colored tights with cropped pants for a hint of fun a la Blair Eadie.

2. push up your coat or blazer sleeves
anddd instant chic-ness! i have no idea why, but it just does the trick! if you’re wearing another long-sleeve layer underneath, it’s a great way to let a little lace detail {or somethign similar} show, too. more examples here, here, and here.

3. cut your own raw hem
i first started doing this because once upon a time every single pair of jeans i bought was too long {i’m 5’5}. for years, i did the classic small rolled hem, but once the raw hem became a trend, i just started cutting my own jeans! it’s easy, simple, and such a fun way to add a bit of a messy look to a polished outfit. you simply need a pair of good fabric scissors and a pair of your own jeans to help measure the length you want! easy peasy.

4. add unique-shaped sunglasses to your ensemble 
as the sunglass trend has grown {and the amount of us bloggers always wearing them in photos, ha!}, it’s been fun to expand my own collection! i love wearing heart-shaped frames and cat-eyes and small round ones.

5. layer dainty jewelry
back in my college days {2010-2014}, the trend was to wear huge statement necklaces i’m glad we’ve dialed that in and now it’s trendy to wear lots of dainty, layered jewelry. from necklaces to earrings and arm parties to fingers, it’s all about layering but in a much more softer way.

6. tie a scarf around your neck 
taking a lesson from the French here! what more can i say but how très chic of you!

7. add a scarf to your handbag or hair, too!
and while you’re at it, tie that scarf wherever! it’s a fun accessory to tie onto your current handbag or tote, or even as an accessory in your hair. i’ve seen them tied around ponytails, braids, and buns.

8. wear a head to toe monochromatic look
one of my favorite ways to do this is with a powersuit! suits are easily one of my favorite outfits when i’m going for a polished and chic look, and what better way to do so then in one color!?

9. add a logomania belt
ever since the Gucci belt came out, logo belts have been hot hot hot! it’s a fun way to dress up a simple tee and jeans look. i also like pairing them back with a sweater dress and OTK boots for the fall/winter. hot tip: you can find a ton of amazing quality ones on the resale marker, like The Real Real!

10. rock a bold lip color
it’s the perfect way to add a statement to any outfit! you know my signature is red all year round! in the spring, i love light pink. in the summer, i gravitate towards oranges and hot pinks. in the fall and winter, i love berry hues and various shades of red.