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6 Dec

27th birthday + special guest post

27 years young and feeling alive!

today is my birthday and now that i’m one year older and wiser too, i want to thank you all for being a part of my story. i feel so grateful today for all the amazing people in my life, including all of you! i am so blessed to be able to live the life of my dreams and share my love of fashion and body positivity with the world. thank you all for making this past year so special and always making me feel so loved and appreciated. whenever i post a body positive photo or share one of my latest outfits, you’re always sending me kind messages and they mean a lot to me. thank you all for being here!

in keeping with birthday blog tradition, i asked Robbie to feature on today’s post! i joked to him the other day that one of my birthday wishes was that he take over all the blog responsibilities for the day {more than he already does haha!} so i can relax. of course he agreed and decided to celebrate my big 2-7 with seven things he loves about me {cue the heart eyes}. last year’s birthday post was truly one of my top favorite blog posts EVER {both the photos + the topic} and i knew it would be hard to top, but i think we just *might* have done it. does 27 mean i’m officially in my late 20’s?! enjoy! xx

Hello everyone and happy birthday to my lady! Everyone be sure to send her lots of love today!

Sarah Tripp is not only the love of my life but is also probably one of the funniest human beings I’ve ever met. I always say, no one really knows how silly Sarah really is haha. When people she’s really comfortable around get a glimpse of it, it’s really funny and magical, but like most people, I think she saves her full silly mode for when it’s just us at home alone. And it’s a real treat, let me tell you. From naked dance moves to singing wrong lyrics at the top of her lungs to air humping me while I’m trying to brush my teeth to reading articles about how to detox her armpits, Sarah is quite a hilarious joy to be around!

So in the spirit of celebrating Sarah for the beautiful, kind, thoughtful, funny, creative, silly woman she is, I figured I’d let you in even further and share seven fun facts about our girl:

1) I love Sarah’s eclectic taste in movies/TV shows/books.

Sarah probably has the most confusing and mercurial taste for entertainment I’ve ever witnessed. Even after knowing her for the past six years, it’s still difficult for me to choose a book or a movie for her and know if she’ll like it. Her tastes vary to the extremes and don’t seem to subscribe to any particular set genre. For example, Sarah loves war movies. Like really loves them. American Sniper and 13 Hours in Benghazi are two of her favorite movies in the past five years. She also loves a good action flick. I was very hesitant to take her to see Mad Max: Fury Road in theaters a few years ago but it ended up becoming one of her all-time favorite movies. I was surprised by how much she loved it. At the same time, there’s nothing Sarah loves more than cheesy Hallmark movies with horrible acting and lighthearted chick flicks with no real substance. As for TV, she loved Game of Thrones as soon as we started the first episode but she hated The Office for years and years until recently. It is this spectrum from hardcore action to airbrushed fantasy that makes it impossible to nail down her tastes. When it comes to books, her preferences are always fictional, and usually fall in the Harper Teen category about princesses and vampires haha. But she also devours a good Gillian Flynn thriller in days. See what I mean? Hard to nail down. Whenever I think I’ve found a movie or book she’ll love, she’ll tell me five minutes in that she’s not into it and I’m left confused, seeking to find an answer that I don’t think exists haha.

2) I love how confident Sarah has become public speaking/attending events.

This one might really surprise you. When Sarah and I were first married, we’d go to events or other social situations and of course meet new people. Whenever Sarah would meet someone new or see someone that she hadn’t talked to in a long time, her face would literally go tomato red and it would be so obvious haha. She knew it was happening and told me that it had been happening ever since she can remember. There have been many times through the years where I’ve put my arm around Sarah while we’re at a social event, I’ll see her going bright red in the face as she talks to a stranger and her back will be 300 degrees Fahrenheit and dripping with sweat. I would always try my best to comfort her and then we would always laugh about it in the car on the way home. She would refer to it as her “chubby tomato” syndrome haha. Well, I’m really proud of Sarah in the last couple years because I don’t feel like this is an issue for her anymore. Whenever she speaks on a panel or has to present a new product/store opening to a large group of people, she appears effortless and confident. I haven’t seen her face turn into a “chubby tomato” in years haha. Goes to show how practice makes perfect and facing your fears can lead to a lot of self-confidence! So proud of her.

3) I love Sarah’s heart.

Sarah has always been very sweet and thoughtful, it was one of the first things that attracted me to her. But there are certain times where I realize just how deeply she feels and cares for others. Last year, a shooting took place near our neighborhood in San Francisco at the UPS shipping facility by a disgruntled employee. Four people were killed and a few others were injured and it was really sad. When Sarah heard the news, she just started crying and praying that our nice UPS man whom she always smiles and thanks when he delivers our packages wasn’t one of the victims. Fortunately, our delivery man showed up a few days later and we told him we were glad he was okay, he was working out of another facility at the time. It was a sad incident, and Sarah’s pure-hearted reaction to the news reminded me just how sweet and tender she really is.

4) I love Sarah’s meatloaf.

(That sounds dirty for some reason but it’s not at all, sorry to disappoint you lol.) Sarah and I have been together for over five years now, which means I have spent the last four years begging her to make her amazing meatloaf for me. If I’m lucky, I’ll get it once every 4-6 months. Every other time I ask, she rolls her eyes and tells me how much she’s sick of it and that I ask for it too much and that it takes too long and that it was my fault for ruining it by eating it all the time when we first got married. So I dream. I hope and I dream for the day she finally says yes.

5) I love Sarah’s sweet tooth.

I’ve only met a few people in my lifetime who can keep up with Sarah and her love for sugar, treats, snacks, candy, etc. When we go to the movies or on a road trip, her favorite part about the whole experience is that she gets to buy her favorite sour candy and eat it the entire time. She’s not a soda girl (she always tells me: “I’d rather eat my calories, not drink them”) but when it comes to candy and treats, she’s the queen. She loves sour rainbow ribbons, airhead belts, nerd ropes, gummy bears, hi-chews, and starbursts. If you were to put her in a room with all those candies and leave her in there indefinitely, she’d keep going until her teeth fell out or you’d have to roll her out of the room LOL. I know how much she loves these treats so I usually bring her home a little pack after I go grocery shopping.

6) I love how cozy Sarah is.

This is one of my favorite things about Sarah: She is basically just one big warm cozy soft pillow haha. She loves nothing more than to get in her cozy clothes and wrap up in a blanket and snuggle. I swear her natural body temperature is 10 degrees higher than the average human because when I go to kiss her good morning after she’s been under the blankets all night, she is like a cute little toaster oven. She’s so adorable and cuddly. She can also go to sleep in literally an instant. As soon as she closes her eyes, she is out instantly. It’s actually pretty impressive. There have been times where I am mid-conversation with her, she’ll respond to something I say, I’ll take a five second pause between sentences, and in that time she’ll have fallen asleep haha. She’s the ultimate cozy cutie.

7) I love that Sarah is my wifey for lifey.

When we first got married, I would sometimes look at Sarah and genuinely think to myself why she chose me. I felt so lucky that such a beautiful and amazing woman fell in love with me. We’ve been through a lot together in the past five years, and it’s all strengthened our bond even deeper. Now, I don’t find myself wondering that, I find myself cherishing what an incredible woman I have to hold, cherish, support, and uplift every day for the rest of forever. She is mine and I am hers. And together there’s nothing we can’t do. Sarah Tripp is the love of my life, forever and always.

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