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17 Dec

5 self-care tips for the holidays.

1. life is short and so are the holidays: just eat it.

one of my favorite things about the holidays is all the yummy treats. however, so many women carry a small, silent dread during the holidays because they know they will be surrounded by incredible food and treats but feel like they can’t fully enjoy them. let me liberate you from this silly way of thinking by saying… it’s so not a big deal! the holidays come around once a year and enjoying good food with good company is part of the fun! you can enjoy that Christmas Eve feast, have that slice of cake for dessert, and eat that sugar cookie while watching a movie in front of the fireplace. you should never feel guilty for having a good time and joining in on the festivities.

of course don’t gorge yourself, there’s nothing fun about eating yourself sick. just because there are lots of tasty treats around doesn’t mean you have to lose all self-control! just be responsible while enjoying yourself and you’ve got nothing to worry about. the holidays are short, so you’ll have plenty of time to get back to your regular exercise routine and start those healthy new year’s resolutions in no time! enjoy the holidays while you can and don’t feel bad about treating yourself. it’s always important to remind yourself that a few days of eating treats isn’t going to ruin your health or make you gain twenty pounds overnight! as long as you have a healthy lifestyle and know you’re going to get right back to it in the new year, there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy every delicious brownie, cookie, pie, cake, or whatever else you love. bring on the treats!

update: so fun to see this post featured by Shape Magazine! check it out here.

2. make time for yourself.

i can’t think of a busier time of year than the holidays. everyone is running around trying to get a million little things done before the big day and trying to check everything off their to-do list for the year. when one year is coming to a close, there’s always so many things to do before the new year begins. it’s so important during this hectic {and often stressful} time of year to remember to make time for yourself. it’s so easy to spread ourselves thin with work, family obligations, finances and budgets, etc. i know firsthand what it’s like to stress yourself into a tizzy because you just have too much to do. in times like this, robbie always reminds me that i can only handle so much before it starts negatively affecting my happiness and i need to find an outlet. it doesn’t need to be anything grandiose, just something that releases the tension and helps you take a breath. book a massage at your local spa, take a bubble bath, read an inspiring book, sit down at your favorite restaurant, take a nap, have a cozy night at home. whatever you do doesn’t matter, as long as it helps you take a step back and prioritize your mental health.

3. give.

the above tip is always good medicine for taking care of yourself, and another is taking care of others. there’s nothing more fulfilling that forgetting about yourself for a while and serving those around you. give a thoughtful gift to a loyal friend, write a handwritten note to a family member, volunteer at a homeless shelter, or do a ‘Sub for Santa’ program where you help a family in need. the holidays are the perfect time to practice charity and try to make the world a better place. everyone seems to be friendlier and more respective during this time of year. spread some holiday cheer by giving back in your community. since our first year of marriage, robbie and i have done several different programs to help those in need for Christmas. it always makes us feel good inside and pay it forward with all the blessings we’ve been given. which leads me to…

4. remember the reason for the season.

regardless of your religious beliefs, it’s important to remember that the holidays are for spending time with loved ones, showing gratitude for what you have, and giving to those around you. it’s easy to get caught up in thinking about what gifts you want or stressing over getting the perfect gift for your mom or friend, but remembering that’s not what the holidays are about should relieve that stress. we should all remember the iconic words by Dr. Seuss from the Grinch Who Stole Christmas: ‘maybe Christmas, he thought, doesn’t come from a store. maybe christmas …perhaps …means a little bit more!’

5. make goals for the new year.

there are few things more satisfying than setting goals and then achieving them! these last weeks before the new year are the perfect time to decide what you want to do and who you want to become in the next 365 days. if i may suggest a few good goals:
– think of something you love about yourself every time you look in the mirror.
– develop a constant exercise routine.
– spread positivity on social media.
– do something each day that gets you closer to your dream job.
– be grateful for everything you have & work for everything you don’t.

i hope these tips help you sail through the holidays! take care babes! xx

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