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18 Oct

the 6 most instagrammable spots in New York City.

within the last year, i’ve been to New York City five times, with a sixth planned next month! {we are spending Thanksgiving in NYC with my family in a few weeks and i can’t wait to experience the magic of being there during the holiday season!} which is quite a lot considering i literally live on the opposite side of the country. i can never can seem to stay away! i’ve talked before about how much i love the energy and pulse of the Big Apple, but this year it’s played such a huge role in my career as i’ve attended both Fashion Weeks and traveled there for meetings & events. i first fell in love with NYC when i visited for the first time as a college student for Ad Week my junior year. it was then that i decided to intern there, and the summer before my senior year i spent almost four months living in Manhattan. upon returning home and feeling so inspired by my time in the city, i started SRL! i’ll always have a fondness for New York City because it’s where my passion and inspiration finally resulted in creating my own career in the fashion world like i’d always dreamed.

since i just barely returned home from another trip to New York, i thought i’d share with you my most favorite instagrammable spots! i’ve shared a lot of photos in NYC on instagram over the years but i wanted to compile them all for you in a single blog post for anyone planning a visit in the near future. don’t forget to view my NYC photo diary from a few trips ago here! enjoy! xx

1. Top of the Rock
i think you all know by now that this is one of my favorites, which i’ve talked about here. the views are so amazing! on one side you get a view of all of Central Park and on the other you get the Empire State Building. so worth the price to go up and get breathtaking photos!

2. Flatiron Building
this is one of my favorite areas of Manhattan! i’ve stayed at Hotel Giraffe just two blocks away a few times so it makes it super convenient to shoot around here. plus, it’s such a great landmark to get photos in front of! bonus, the original Shake Shack is just across the street in Madison Square Park! even the outdoor restaurant is a great photo opp with its cute twinkle lights!

3. Pietro Nolita
this all-pink locale is pretty much a bloggers dream as far as photos go! {their slogan is literally Pink AF.} it’s actually a trendy Italian restaurant, and even though i haven’t actually eaten there yet, i’ve heard it’s amazing because their pasta is homemade! pink aesthetics and good food? i’m in! plus their location is in SoHo, which makes it a great spot to stop at while shopping. 

4. While We Were Young
another dreamy restaurant location, definitely a must to visit. the food here is incredible {i’ve been for brunch and it was delicious} and the blush + marble decor is everything. i’ll let the vibe speak for itself below.

5. the iconic taxi + crosswalk shot
these are honestly some of my very favorite shots because they just embody New York City street style! in fact, whenever i’m shooting with my photographer, taxis will literally wait a few seconds until we get the shot haha! pro tip: shoot on a one way street so that there’s no cars behind you on a red light! it’s a fun way to get some of the cityscape and make the photo look clean and even more dreamy.

6. Brooklyn Bridge
this might be a little bit out of your way if you’re staying in NYC, but if you can make it across to Brooklyn it’s so worth it! get a few shots with the Brooklyn Bridge, walk the bridge, eat at Grimaldi’s Pizza and the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory, and stop at Jane’s Carousel. it’s also so fun to get photos with the Manhattan skyline in the background!