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25 Sep

7 reasons why i’m excited to move to Arizona!

i decided to rep our soon-to-be state during NYFW with this fun graphic tee! a few followers noticed the tee under my matching short set that week which made me smile. today i wanted to share this outfit with you {also comes in a pant version!}, along with a few fun reasons why i’m excited to move to Arizona next year. enjoy! xx

1. warm weather… okay HOT weather
i’m a desert girl {born and raised in Las Vegas}, so honestly the weather in the Bay Area has been a bit hard for me. i crave sunny, warm, dry days! which is basically the exact opposite of here haha. i can’t wait for hot summers, as crazy as that sounds! and i love how much it cools down at night in the desert.

2. parking lots… FREE parking anytime, anywhere
i can’t wait to not have to pay hundreds of dollars a year in parking {and parking tickets haha}. i also can’t wait to not have to worry about turning my wheels the right way on a hill anymore either!

3. the four C’s: Cafe Rio, Cane’s, Chick-fil-A, Capriotti’s
SF has incredible food and unique restaurants but doesn’t really have much when it comes to fast food chains, which is understandable because rent is insane here. i’m looking forward to grabbing my favorite foods easily anytime in Arizona!

4. driving 2-3 miles will now take me 2-3 minutes… not a half hour
California traffic, enough said.

5. lots of pools and nice weather for shooting swimsuits anytime… not a 50 degree nude beach
i remember the first time robbie and i went to the beach here in the Bay Area. we were so excited, put on our cute swimsuits, tank tops, and sunscreen. we got there and everyone was in jeans, sweatshirts, and sitting in mini tents to get out of the wind. we still giggle over that experience. beaches here are FREEZING and some are even nude haha!

6. rent payments that don’t sound like Monopoly money
so excited to have a mortgage for our own beautiful 3,000 square foot home in Arizona that will be less than our rent for a 750 square foot condo here in SF. everyone has heard how insanely expensive the Bay Area is, but it’s even worse than you’ve heard. looking for a home in Arizona was actually exciting and not nauseating, haha!

7. no more fog! however, we will have to deal with haboobs {these things are crazy!}
robbie and i have talked so much about how every single city we considered has its pros and cons. if one single place was perfect, everyone would live there. everywhere is give and take! but we’ll take the occasional apocalyptic dust storm over all day, every day fog.

floral blazer
floral shorts {i sized up for a looser fit, pant version here}
Arizona tee
Chanel slingbacks
Chanel brooch
Michele watch c|o
druzy drop earrings
Louis Vuitton aviator sunglasses {dupes here}
Pink Nouveau lipstick

photos by Laurel Creative