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18 Nov

7 ways to keep your denim looking new.

HaleyNordPhotography (31 of 50)i haven’t worn bootcut denim since early high school, and even then it was all about the skinny jean. when the trend came back earlier this season, i was a little skeptical, but after seeing the jean really elongate so many bloggers’ legs, i knew i had to give them a try. i’ve been looking for the perfect pair — dark wash and not too dramatic of a bootcut. i found them here & i haven’t been more happy with a jean purchase in a while! if you’re skeptical like i was, at least give them a chance and try them on {w/ heels} in a fitting room! you may be surprised!

i’ve compiled a list of my own personal tips for keeping your denim looking fresh and new below. happy hump day! xx

1. if and when you wash your jeans, wash them inside out in cold water.
i wear my jeans a handful {or a dozen?} of times before i wash them to avoid fading and general break down. but when i do wash them, i always make sure to do it inside out and in cold water.
2. never stick them in the dryer, they will shrink.
never, never, never put them in the dryer! most quality jeans these days are made mostly of cotton with some elastane. putting them in the dryer not only breaks them down faster, but also will shrink them to some degree. i always air dry my jeans and their fit stays as is!
3. speaking of quality jeans, invest in them.
the quickest way to go through jeans is to buy them at Forever 21 or H&M. we’ve all been there and sometimes fast fashion is easiest on our wallets. but i promise you, if you invest in one or two pairs of quality denim, not only will they last longer, but they will fit better {and keep their fit!}, too. i highly suggest Paige Denim or Joe’s Jeans, with Current/Elliott and Rag & Bone being at the very top of my list. you can find all of these high priced jeans discounted at Nordstrom Rack.
4. utilize your freezer.
ever gone out to eat and came home smelling like fried food? you know what i’m talking about. it’s never a good smell, but you might not want to wash you denim {or any of you clothes} if you specifically changed into the outfit just for dinner. but guess what! we all have a solution in our home called a freezer. stick your denim in the freezer for 1-2 days and the smell will be gone when you pull them out. it’s a brilliant trick that works great and i use it often. it also helps denim last longer because you aren’t washing it as often.
5. wash before hemming or any other alteration.
i’m 5’5, so every now and then i do need to have jeans altered. because jeans can shrink a tad just from washing {and definitely from drying}, it’s important to wash them before taking them to a seamstress if you need to have them hemmed. you wouldn’t want to spend the money hemming them, only to have them be too short the first time you wash them after getting them altered. it’s an important step not to miss.
6. unless intended, frayed hems are never chic.
a quick hem is the best way to help your jeans last. if denim is too long and you walk around with too much fabric dragging on the ground, your jeans will fray at the edges. you want your denim to last, especially if you’ve invest in a nice pair, so spend the extra $20 it takes to get the jeans hemmed exactly to your height. it goes a long way. and you’ll look a lot more put together.
7. wash distressed jeans on a delicate cycle.
i have quite a few pairs of distressed denim, which i try to wash even less than my regular jeans. because of their nature, i always make sure to wash them {inside out and with cold water} on a delicate cycle. i don’t mind my distressed jeans getting more distressed with wear, but i also don’t want huge holes anywhere, either. if you’re washing all your denim together, then just throw the delicate cycle on for all your jeans. babying your denim really does help it last longer!

HaleyNordPhotography-19-of-50bHaleyNordPhotography (29 of 50) HaleyNordPhotography (21 of 50) HaleyNordPhotography (23 of 50) HaleyNordPhotography (25 of 50) HaleyNordPhotography (20 of 50) HaleyNordPhotography (24 of 50) HaleyNordPhotography (22 of 50) HaleyNordPhotography (28 of 50) HaleyNordPhotography (26 of 50) HaleyNordPhotography (30 of 50) HaleyNordPhotography (27 of 50) HaleyNordPhotography (32 of 50) HaleyNordPhotography (33 of 50)varsity sweater: old {similar}
bootcut jeans: Joe’s
heels: Stuart Weitzman
hat: Urban Outfitters
clutch: Clare V.
sunglasses: Michael Kors
necklace: John Hardy
lips: Faux

photos by Haley Nord