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12 Aug

We’re Sorry

Today Robbie and I want to talk about something that’s been weighing heavy on our hearts, and address what’s been going on the past couple weeks. This isn’t a fun blog post for us to write but you all deserve to hear it straight from us. As many of you have likely seen, Robbie recently wrote the sweetest message about me on his instagram and it quickly received a lot of attention. Lots of attention. Nothing can prepare you for the wild ride of seeing your name and face in major media outlets around the world, and it’s been fun and exhausting and scary all at the same time. On one hand, it’s brought so much love and positivity our way and we couldn’t be more grateful for all our new follower friends who have connected with us and our relationship. But on the other hand, it’s also brought a lot of attention that hasn’t been so positive. This is the reason why we want to write today.

Recently, old tweets were uncovered from years ago and what was found were some things that we are ashamed of. My insensitive words were posted in 2012, Robbie’s from 2015. (Regardless of when they were said, they were never appropriate.) Mortified, we quickly deleted these off-color, insensitive remarks that we had completely forgotten about from so long ago. But it was too late, screenshots were taken and shared online.

We want to own up to our mistakes. We want to express our deep regret and shame at those insensitive words. We are so incredibly sorry for them. We are so embarrassed. They are not at all representative of who we are. We can’t express that enough. We were immature college students with absolutely no realization of how quickly and thoughtlessly putting out such inappropriate “jokes” might hurt others. We know that’s not an excuse. We just hope it puts it into context that it truly was a stupid, thoughtless action from a completely different period of our lives. We are so so disappointed in ourselves and hate to think how anyone who reads these old words might think of us in such an ugly way. We never have been and never will be prejudiced against any race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, etc. It’s just not how we were raised or who we are.

However, the fact remains that we did tweet those things. We are accountable for those thoughtless actions. To anyone who has seen those screenshots, please forgive us. That is not who we are or how we think. We wish we could go back in time to 2012 and tell our college selves that such insensitive words do hurt others, even if typed jokingly or even repeating what someone said.

In the last several years, we have grown so much as human beings and evolved in every area of our lives. Living in San Francisco has played such a huge part in this; we love living in a city with so much beautiful diversity and a history of acceptance and tolerance. We celebrate that and cherish the friendships we have made with friends of all different races, backgrounds, sexual orientations and religions. We would hate for any one of these friends to believe that we ever had such narrow-minded attitudes toward them. We never did, we just made stupid jokes. All we can do is apologize for such insensitivity and continue to show that those words do not reflect who we are as people today. In fact, they are the furthest thing from who we try to be online and in our daily lives: positive, inclusive, loving, and accepting.

So straight from us both: We can’t express enough how sorry we are. Together we have spent the last four years building this blog into a place of love and positivity and are so sorry that our thoughtless actions years ago have detracted from that. There’s no excuse for those words, but hope you can forgive us for our mistakes. We hope to continue to prove to you that we are not the people those insensitive words suggest, and that we are the same couple that is all about chasing dreams, loving one another, and spreading positivity. Please give us the chance to continue showing that.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. As always, please don’t hesitate to direct message or email either of us with any thoughts or questions. We would welcome the opportunity to apologize to you directly and personally.


Sarah & Robbie