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2 Apr

#AerieREAL girl: my bikini secret

ever since i started posting in swimsuits and making body confidence a very focused part of Sassy Red Lipstick, i’ve received comments and messages from women around the world asking me how i became comfortable with my body. they want to know how i feel so comfortable rocking my curves in a bikini and ask for any tips i have on boosting their self-esteem when it comes to their own body. many of these women express how they feel so self conscious whenever they go to the beach or pool and that even the idea of wearing swimsuit gives them a little bit {or a lot} of anxiety. they tell me that they shop for the most covered one piece they can find that hides all their insecurities, and that they would “never” dream of wearing a bikini.

well, tonight i want to talk about my one big secret for feeling confident in a bikini. it may sound easy but it’s difficult for many women to do mentally.

so… are you ready for Sassy Red Lipstick’s big tip on how to feel confident in a bikini? i’ll break it down into two steps: here it is:

1. buy a bikini

2. wear it!

there’s no big secret that will magically make you feel you confident in your own skin. only you can make that decision. there is nothing or nobody that can make you love your body if you don’t love it yourself. it’s an inward decision. but if you can start to slowly chip away at your negative thought patterns and replace them with positivity, i promise you’ll feel an outward change. like i always say, when you feel good, you look good!

something incredible happens when you accept your body exactly how it is and stop worrying about changing it. the best part about being body positive is that you don’t have to lose a single pound to feel like you look fantastic! it’s all in your mindset. once you realize that your body is what makes you a real, strong, beautiful woman, you worry less about who’s looking and you focus more on who you are! pounds on a scale don’t define you, numbers on a clothing label doesn’t define you, you define you. and trust me, there is a sweet freedom is letting go of all those negative thoughts and accepting yourself.

i’m so happy to be at a place in my life where i can honestly say i love my body. i feel as comfortable rocking a one piece as i do a bikini. there’s not a single part of my body that i stress over and want to change. i didn’t get here overnight, but i’m here because i knew it was an inward decision i needed to make to be happy. if you feel the same way and you know how sexy you are, good for you! keep rocking it! if not, then just know i’m here for you and i am more than ready to be your cheerleader. society has created such a narrow mold of what women should look like, but that’s nothing close to what real women look like. let’s support one another and keep promoting the fact that real is sexy.

i’m so happy i’ve had the opportunity to partner with Aerie to share these unretouched bikini photos with you. i’m so in love with this brand that encourages women to show their body some love, no matter the shape or size! #AerieREAL

ps: did you catch my feature in Cosmopolitan with the #AerieREAL campaign?! i’m still in shock over it and couldn’t be more proud that such a large publication is taking notice of such an important campaign. nothing like real women loving their real bodies! coral ruffle bikini top c|o Aerie
floral high-waisted bikini bottom c|o Aerie
round sunglasses
Morange lipstick