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7 Oct

anthology of autumn.

robbie and i drove the alpine loop up provo canyon
on sunday after spending the day watching general conference with my family.

it’s a cliche fall activity,
but i have never done it while the leaves are changing
{mostly due to the fact that utah seems to skip fall and dive head first into winter}.

the sun was just peaking over the mountain before it dipped behind;
the surrounding trees seemed to glow that golden tint that is only known to autumn.

i know it won’t stay long.
gold seems to be the hardest hue to hold.

but for right now,
i’m going to enjoy the beauty that surrounds me.








to see one of the beautiful scenes I was able to capture at the alpine loop
check my instagram here

button-up: Nordstrom (similar)
oversized sweater: Urban (similar)
jeans: Nordstrom
boots: Steve Madden
socks: Urban (old)
watch: Urban
bullet necklace: Etsy
lipstick: M.A.C