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9 Apr

Baby Bath Essentials

Bath time is a fan favorite here in Tripp Oasis, for both me and Taz! It’s our special time together during his bedtime routine. I have bathed him every single time since he was born. Robbie is definitely around, usually singing tunes for Taz or filming him splashing, but it’s our little mama + baby time together at the end of the day! Every time I share a photo or video from bath time, I always get so many questions. So I thought I’d round up my baby bath essentials in one place for all of you and walk you through our bath process!

I was taught how to give Taz a sponge bath our second night in the hospital {we left Taz as is from the womb, some dried blood and all, for about 48 hours… apparently it’s an added benefit for baby! I had no idea}. For any new moms, sponge baths are great because you can’t get the umbilical cord stump wet until it falls off on it’s own {about the first two weeks}. I then only bathed Taz 1-2 times a week for the first 2 months or so. As a newborn, they don’t really get dirty {I did wipe down and “clean” his diaper area every night!} and it can be really drying for their skin. Especially because Taz was born in the Fall and temps started to drop and get cold when he was super little!

Now… I was super nervous as a first time mom to give Taz his first real bath! That mom-anxiety is real. And to be honest, he hated it for the first several weeks and would always cry. It’s new and wet and can get cold quickly for little babies. Plus as a new mom, I was learning too! Although the nurses taught me how to give him a sponge bath, I was pretty much left to my own devices on how to give him a real bath! I watched several YouTube videos, but it also just comes with some trial and error. I use this tub {still do!} and I love it because it has an infant sling that we used until Taz was about three months. It fits perfectly in our sink, too! It was only two weeks ago we moved his little tub inside my own big tub because he was always splashing so much and would get water all over the kitchen, haha!

As for products, I was sent SO many from various brands, but we landed on Tubby Todd {which I’ve alway paid for myself}. Their ingredients are clean and they use essential oils. I use their bubble bath, hair + body wash, lotion, and all over ointment {bundle here}. You all know we LOVE Aquaphor in the Tripp Home, so I also use the baby version with every diaper change and on any dry patches. I use these soft wash clothes {although at this point I mostly just use those to clean his diaper area while in the tub and then I just use my hands and the soap to clean the rest of his body} and this is my favorite baby towel! It’s so soft and I like that it’s hooded because it helps to keep his little head warm. We also have this cute little robe for him! We haven’t really gotten into bath toys yet… but I can’t wait for that day! Right now Taz enjoys sucking on the wet wash cloths and constantly kicking and splashing with his little legs.

My best tip about bathing a baby is to wash from the toes up! Their little heads are what hold in heat and keep them warm, so you want to do that last. And once you wash their head, wrap up bath time pretty quickly so they don’t get too cold! Taz also likes his water slightly warmer than what’s typically recommended. That was one of those trial and error things for me. Do what’s best for your baby, though!

Hope that helps! We love singing “Rubber Duckie” and “Splish Splash” while Taz bathes… guaranteed smiles and giggles! xx

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