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21 Aug

the best kind of support.

there’s truly nothing better than having amazing friendships in your life. as i’ve gotten older and i’ve been fortunate to be successful in my career, my circle has gotten much smaller. it’s been sad to see old friends drop by the wayside and learn that not everyone wants you to be happy or successful, but it’s been so amazing to find the loyal people who have stayed true. of course, i have so much love and support from both sides of my family but this is all about a friend in my life who who has proved time and time again that she has my back in any situation. Tamryn from Wannabe Fashion Blogger is that person for me. we met about a year and a half ago soon after Robbie and i moved to San Francisco, and she’s been such an amazing support in my life ever since! i know i can talk to her about anything; we share deep laughs as well as heartfelt tears over our conversations. Tamryn is an fiercely loyal friend & the best listener, and i’m just so so happy the blogger world brought our friendship together! not to mention, her fashion sense is so unique and amazing. if you don’t already follow her, i can guarantee her posts will inspire you to think outside of the box and truly wear the type of clothes that define who you are, not just the current trends. i’m so lucky to have such a good friend who supports me in everything i do while also blazing her own trail.

a few weeks ago, Tamryn wrote this blog post about her own self-love and body positivity journey. i couldn’t be more proud of how far she’s come, and even more so, i feel so honored that she asked me to be in her first-ever swimsuit shoot for her blog! doesn’t she look incredible!? we woke up at the crack of dawn to drive from San Francisco to Park Winters and shoot just as the sun was rising. i told her that she’s the only person i would wake up at 3am for a shoot with, and the photos ended up being totally worth it! the lighting is so gorgeous and i couldn’t love these photos of us more!

we are both wearing the swim brand solid and striped. these one pieces are so flattering and worth the cost! plus, they make for the perfect bestie swimsuits, don’t you think?! happy monday, everyone! here’s to best friends all over the world. text yours and tell them how much you appreciate their love and support! xx

my striped mint one piece
round sunglasses
distressed denim shorts
pearl sandals
round straw bag
Pink Nouveau lipstick

tamryn’s solid pink one piece {more size here}
pink Dior sunglasses

photos by Shannon Righetti