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6 Dec

my birthday: 26 years old + 26 silly quirks.

December is my favorite month of the year for all the obvious reasons {holiday style, cozy sweaters, hot chocolate by the fire, Christmas, etc.} but one major reason is that it’s my birthday month as well! today i’m 26 years old and officially past the mid-twenties mark. i can’t even believe that another year has gone by! feeling so blessed today for all of the love and support you’ve all shown me throughout the years. crazy to think i started this blog when i was just a 22-year-old college student!

you know i love me some pink and sequins, so i couldn’t resist this cutest rainbow striped sequin skirt {sadly sold out… super similar version here} for my birthday shoot and metallic balloons to match! {fun fact: the rainbow sour candy strips that look just like this skirt are one of my very favorite candies so i knew this skirt was meant to be, haha!}

a couple years ago, i shared 24 random facts about myself on my 24th birthday. this year, i had the idea to mix it up and ask robbie to guest write and share 26 silly quirks of mine that most people would never know! it was really fun for me to read this post and see what he had to say. enjoy! be sure to follow along on mine and robbie’s IG Stories today, as he has surprise plans for the entire day! here’s to another year old and wiser! xx


Everyone knows that Sarah is a sweetheart with a doll face and a heart of gold, but few get the chance to see just how truly silly and hilarious she is within the walls of our home. She keeps me laughing all day long and I love her quirks that make her so adorable. So without further ado, here are 26 quirks about Sarah:

1. Sarah’s favorite movie genre is war films.

It may surprise you that Sarah loves a good action flick, particularly when it comes to war movies. American Sniper, 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi, and Lone Survivor are three of her favorite movies and she asks me to watch them with her at least once a week.

2. Sarah is the queen of misquoting lyrics.

This is easily one of the funniest things about Sarah and we laugh endlessly about it. She sings lyrics to popular songs wrong all the time. She does it frequently but if I had to choose the funniest one, it would have to be when she thought that Sia’s hit song said: “I want to swing from the chimneeyyyy, from the chimneyyyy.” {She had no idea the name of the song was “Chandelier” and thought Sia was saying “chimney” instead of “chandelier.”}

3. Sarah loves being in the water.

I’ve always said that Sarah had to have been a Mermaid in another life. Everyone likes a good pool or being at the beach, but Sarah really loves it. I swear she could be in the water for hours and never tire of it. If you’re wondering why Sarah is always posting in swimsuits, {other than the fact that she looks so sexy} this is definitely why–she can’t get enough of the water.

4. Sarah’s first kiss story.

First kisses are always memorable, but I’ve got to say Sarah’s story is easily one of the most unique I’ve ever heard. She was in middle school on a school field trip to Washington D.C. and kissed a boy in her class while they were touring the Holocaust Museum. Like I said… unique.

5. Sarah is unable to read Instagram usernames.

This is another hilarious quirk of Sarah’s, much like misquoting song lyrics, that we laugh about all the time. Because Instagram usernames don’t have spaces and thus blur words together, Sarah is constantly calling people by the wrong name or otherwise completely butchering their handle whenever she says it out loud. It’s very entertaining.

6. Sarah has the cutest feet.

Sarah’s feet are without a doubt the most immaculate feet I’ve ever seen. They’re soft, clean, dainty, and adorable. I’ve always thought feet were kind of gross, but then I met Sarah. (I promise I’m not a creepy foot fetish guy or anything, I just love Sarah’s pretty little toes.)

7. Sarah is the coziest person in the world.

Since the day I met her, Sarah has loved to be snuggled up in a blanket, warm, cozy, and cuddly. We once saw a meme that read “It’s so hard being a sleepy girl with a busy life” and now we quote it all the time because it’s the perfect description for Sarah. When she is all dolled up for an event or when we are traveling, all she can say is “I can’t wait to get back home and cuddle in our own bed.” I love how cute and cozy she is.

8. Sarah is a little space heater.

On that same topic, I swear Sarah’s natural body temperature is at least 5 degrees warmer than the average human being. If she is under a blanket for 5 minutes, she feels as if she’s been sitting in a warm oven for half an hour. Her body heat is unlike anything else so I often refer to her as my cute little space heater haha. She even calls herself part werewolf (Twilight reference anyone?!).

9. Sarah is a red meat girl.

There are few things Sarah loves more than good steak or a good hamburger. I love that Sarah is a feminine, fancy lady who can put down a good piece of red meat with the best of them.

10. Sarah dances naked pretty much every time before she takes a shower.

I’ll be honest, this is without a doubt one of the highlights of my day and definitely one thing that I will forever and always be the only person to witness. Sarah breaks out these hilarious impromptu naked dance moves before she hops in the shower and I will just watch from my desk and laugh.

11. Sarah’s lifelong celebrity crush is not a celebrity at all.

As many of you know, Sarah was born and raised in Las Vegas, so she grew up going to UNLV Rebel basketball games with her dad. It was there that she developed a schoolgirl crush that lasted for many, many years. Lou Amundson was the star forward for the Rebels for a few years and teenage Sarah actually cried when she got a picture with him one time. Her obsession was so strong that she actually has a framed portrait of him, his armband, and his autograph on her wall in her bedroom in Las Vegas. It hangs there to this day. No hard feelings, Lou.

12. Sarah lived in Jerusalem for 4 months.

Sarah did a study abroad in Israel while in college and she has a big soft spot in her heart for the Holy Land. She is in a group text message with all the girls she went with and they still talk about it frequently. I look forward to visiting there with her one day.

13. Sarah drives like a Vegas girl.

The amount of arguments we have had in the car because Sarah keeps telling me to drive faster and be more aggressive is ridiculous haha. When Sarah takes the wheel, watch out. She’s weaving and bobbing in lanes, hitting that accelerator, and not tolerating any slow pokes in her lane. This may surprise you that sweet Sarah is such a fierce driver, but what may surprise you even more is…

14. Sarah has never gotten a traffic ticket.

Yes, that’s right: Sarah has never even been pulled over. As someone who has been pulled over many times and received many tickets in my life, I find this hard to believe but it’s true. Sarah must either have the best luck in the world or be a fantastic driver. You be the judge.

15. Sarah’s beautiful hair has been a longtime coming.

When we were first married, Sarah used to cry at night about how much she hated her hair haha. She had gone back and forth from dark brown to blonde throughout college and as a result, her hair stopped growing. I swear she bought hundreds and hundreds of dollars worth of shampoos, conditioners, and oils to try and get her hair to grow the first year we were married. Fortunately, after deciding to keep her hair dark for good and not go blonde anymore, her hair eventually resumed its natural growth and now she has thick luscious locks.

16. Sarah hates the dark.

If I get sleepy and turn off the light before Sarah is ready for bed, she gets genuinely mad at me and immediately turns on her phone flashlight. Even if she’s just walking from the bedroom door to bed, she refuses to do it in the dark. She’ll either turn the light back on just to send a message to me or she’ll flip her flashlight on just to crawl into bed haha.

17. Sarah hates folding laundry, putting away dishes, and washing fruit.

What’s funny is that Sarah is great about putting the laundry in the wash and putting dishes in the dish washer… but that’s as far as it goes. When it comes to folding clean laundry and putting away clean dishes, she just can’t seem to go the distance haha. I guess it works out well that we both do half. Also, whenever we buy fruit at the grocery store, it will sit in the fridge for weeks if I never wash it. If I wash it, she will eat it, but she will never wash it first.

18. Sarah refuses to make shopping lists, so we pretty much have two of everything.

Speaking of grocery shopping, Sarah is famous around our house for accidentally buying something that we already have and then claiming that she’s “stocking up” lol. We will have a completely full bottle of body wash or a new bag of grated cheese and she will come home from the store with both of those things because she thought we needed them. When I tell her to make a list to prevent this from happening… she doesn’t really say anything. She just keeps doing it over and over haha.

19. Sarah is horrible at ordering food.

Like all of us, Sarah loves to eat out at good restaurants, but she tends to make poor decisions once there. Rather than ordering food she knows she loves, she always gravitates toward some obscure item on the menu that she thinks looks or sounds good in the moment. She orders it, takes one bite, hates it, wishes she would have gotten her usual dish, and then asks to try my meal haha.

20. Sarah puts the sass in sassy red lipstick.

99.9% of people who meet Sarah see the sweet, thoughtful, jolly girl that she is and enjoy her warmth. However, there is that 0.01 percent of people in the world who have seen Sarah’s sassy side when she gets bothered by something or feel she or someone she loves has been wronged in some way. There’s a reason she named her blog Sassy Red Lipstick; when she gets in sass mode, it’s full throttle. I’ve been the recipient of it many times when I’ve done or said stupid things and it’s a real (scary) sight to behold lol.

21. Sarah’s three woman crushes are…

Reese Witherspoon, Hilary Duff, and Lauren Conrad. If Sarah could have lunch with any woman in the world, it would be one of these three lady bosses. She loves Reese from her favorite movie Legally Blonde, knows every word of every song from Hilary Duff’s 2003 album Metamorphosis, and is obsessed with Lauren Conrad’s style empire.

22. Sarah can rap every line of…

Baby Got back by Sir-Mix-A-Lot and pretty much any Fergie song. Sarah doesn’t get all lyrics wrong, there are some classics that she has committed to memory over years of playing them on repeat. She memorized Baby Got Back on a road trip in middle school and Fergie is still one of her favorite artists.

23. Sarah’s online shopping habits are unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

Sarah doesn’t just online shop when she needs something, she online shops for fun. It’s a hobby for her. Sarah is never happier than when she is comfy in our bed and endlessly scrolling through all of her favorite sites. She has shopping carts full on countless websites and is constantly hunting for that special deal or hard-to-find item.

24. Sarah is claustrophobic.

Sarah once told me the story of how she visited Egypt with her family when she was a pre-teen and she tried to go inside one of the pyramids but ended up breaking down in tears halfway in and running out. Sarah does not like being in a confined space and I pray that we never get stuck in an elevator because she’ll probably turn into an insane wild badger and try to claw her way out.

25. Sarah loves the holidays more than anyone I’ve ever met.

As soon as November rolls around, Sarah is rocking cozy sweaters and layers. When December hits, she is full on gold, glitter, and glam mode for the holidays. She plays Christmas music 24/7, burns seasonal scented candles, and keeps the Christmas tree lit all day and all night. Before Christmas even arrives, she talks about how sad she’s going to be when it’s all over. Her favorite play is The Forgotten Carols, an original story by Michael McLean that creatively showcases the true meaning of Christmas.

26. Sarah keeps a memory box.

Right under her night table, she has a box of ticket stubs, programs, pressed pennies, flower petals, cards, notes, and any other memento she’s kept from good days in her life. It’s so sweet to see that box overflowing with items that make her happy.

Bonus: Sarah makes me the happiest guy in the entire world.

There are many times in a week that I think to myself, Damn, I’m so lucky to be married to this woman. It’s easy to see how stunningly gorgeous Sarah is, but what’s inside is even more beautiful. She takes care of me in so many ways and makes me a better person. She deserves the whole world and it will always be my number one priority to give it to her. Happy birthday, doll face.

pink sweater with ruffle sleeves {also love this}
rainbow striped sequin skirt {similar here}
pink block heels
white tassel earrings
Show Orchid lipstick

photos by Alexis Extrom