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2 Jun

bloom, lovely.

bloom (2 of 11)i’m so excited to share with you my Bloom, Lovely Journal! to put it simply Bloom, Lovely helps redefine beauty. creator Ashley Crouch made the journal with a team of female entrepreneurs after spending years in the fashion & media industry in Manhattan. she realized that there weren’t enough messages about beauty and that was sabotaging women’s self-esteem. Ashley created this beautiful journal as a daily reminder to uplift, educate, and empower women & remind them of their self-worth.

the name Bloom, Lovely comes as a reminder that we are all lovely. Ashley felt this was a better fit for women’s self-esteem than ‘sexy’ or ‘hot.’ because media messages are everywhere in this day and social media age {and not always uplifting or good messages}, Ashley wanted to create a product that would help women all over the world of all different shapes, sizes, and ethnicities feel beautiful, worthy, and accepted.

the Bloom, Lovely Journal is not dated, so you can use it every day or at your own pace. each entry has a quote about beauty and a question for reflection. i’m a huge supporter of this product & cause, and truly feel that we women need reminders of our self-worth and true beauty–both inside and out. i’ve been using my journal for a few weeks now and love it! you all know how important true beauty, body positivity, and self-confidence are to me, so this journal is an incredible reminder of all those things. tonight i’ll be giving one away, so stay tuned! xxbloom (10 of 11) bloom (6 of 11) bloom (8 of 11) bloom (1 of 11) bloom (3 of 11) bloom (9 of 11) bloom (4 of 11) bloom (5 of 11)Bloom Lovely journal
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