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22 Nov


hawaiipics-3-of-13as i’ve gotten older, i’ve become more and more environmentally conscious. i think it’s a very important aspect of life and one that we can all easily get behind in small ways in our daily lives to help better the world. one easy way is to use re-usable water bottles. i started doing this once i get to college back in 2010 and didn’t want to pay for a new plastic water bottle every day {or lug a 24 pack up three flights of stairs!}. since then, i’ve moved on from my generic re-usable water bottle days to include more trendy re-usable water bottles in my life. however, it’s important to note that for me, this isn’t just a trend. it’s a small way to help better the beautiful world we live in and one i plan to implement for the rest of my life. but it doesn’t hurt that today’s re-usable bottle are so fab!

a few weeks ago, we went to Hawaii and i took my pineapple bobble Insulate with me! it fit in perfectly with the ambiance of the island, don’t you think?! i always like to bring a re-usable bottle with me while traveling, as i get headaches so easily that i always need to be drinking water to stay hydrated. i re-filled it on the plane, made sure it was full before we hit the beach, and toted it around during our various activities while in Hawaii. it fit perfectly in my carry-on bag and my Cult Gaia bag i used throughout our vacation. the best part? now that we are back home and experiencing cooler temperatures, i can now use my bobble Insulate to keep my hot chocolate hot! i love when re-usable bottles can be used for cold or hot temperatures!

i thought i’d share a few other ways i use re-usable bottles daily:

+i always take one to the gym
+i always pack one in my bag when we go to the movies {shhhh, don’t tell!}
+i always bring one in my car when driving around running errands

i would love to know how you use a re-usable bottle below! be sure to check out more bobble product here. xxhawaiipics-13-of-13 hawaiipics-1-of-13 hawaiipics-9-of-13 hawaiipics-4-of-13 hawaiipics-2-of-13 hawaiipics-6-of-13 hawaiipics-11-of-13 hawaiipics-5-of-13 hawaiipics-8-of-13 hawaiipics-10-of-13 hawaiipics-7-of-13 hawaiipics-12-of-13pineapple bobble c|o bobble
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