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15 Aug

bucket list: frolicking the lavender fields in Provence!

i shared my Provence photo diary/travel guide with L’Occitane here, but i just couldn’t resist sharing more of our lavender field photos! i mentioned this was such a pinch-me moment, but it truly was a bucket list item that was incredible to check off! frolicking around the lavender fields in the South of France with my love–doesn’t get any better than that!

over the years, i’ve seen so many bloggers and influencers visit the Provence lavender fields, and it truly is as dreamy as everyone makes it look. it smells amazing, it sounds amazing {bees are everywhere!!}, and because we went right before harvest it looked amazing, too! we shoot photos at midday and i was super worried about how harsh the lighting was going to be, but i love these photos and how they turned out. it was seriously one of my very favorite parts of our trip! add it to your own bucket list ;]

my best tips for visiting the lavender fields:

-wear lavender/purple to match or another complimentary color
-wear flats… i changed out of my block heels after two minutes!
-don’t be nervous about the bees… i swear they can smell fear on you, haha!
-some of my favorite shots ended up being from my iPhone versus our DSLR… bring both!
-bring fun props: a hat, a picnic basket/blanket, etc {or a vintage Citron car!}

lilac dress {i sized up to the 14!}
straw bow hat
bow block sandals {changed into these purple flats}
lilac statement earrings
white woven bag
Patina liquid lipstick

robbie’s purple shirt
robbie’s cream Frame denim