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1 Feb

casual friday no. 3: Kate Spade, Good Girls, and MICHELE

you all know i’m a huge Louis Vuitton fan. this bag gives me allll the heart eyes, pun intended.

Canva recently released a new stock photo collection called Natural Women. i think it’s really cool, and important, that we see more and more women being represented in ads, the media, etc, and this is just one way we will!

this week, Kate Spade’s latest collection from their new Creative Director launch and it is stunning. since the passing of Kate Spade last year, the brand is continuing her legacy and honoring her style. you can read more about the new CD Nicole Glass here. this, this, and this are currently in my cart! loving all the lip/heart prints!

as someone who has been trying to get pregnant for almost a year {i plan to talk more about this soon}, this fertility company has my attention. Kindbody is all about educating women, even if they aren’t yet trying to conceive, on their body and fertility. there’s so many things i wish i would have known before we started trying about my own fertility, even in my early 20s, so i think this company is really onto something.

finally got a real office chair! loving my genuine leather and rose gold chair!

we’ve been watching Good Girls on Netflix and i love it! it’s about three suburban moms who get caught up in working with the wrong crowd because they all need money for crappy things that have happened in their lives. it’s a tiny bit cheesy, but i really like the storyline and even Robbie does too, so that’s saying a lot {he’s got a high bar for quality when it comes to movies/shows haha!}.

speaking of Robbie, he had his first article published on Ball Is Life this week! you can read it here. he wrote an amazing profile on the #1 high school basketball player in Arizona Nico Mannion and his trainer Vaughn Compton…and the article blew up! so fun to see him combining his lifelong love of basketball with his current career as a writer/content creator.

over last weekend, i finished The Husband’s Secret {highly recommend, love the author!} and started The Nightingale. SO many of you recommended that book, and i’m already sucked in. i’m sure i’ll finish it this week since we are traveling and i read on flights. you can see my current list of books i’m going to read this year here.

faux leather leggings are all the rage right now, and i reviewed two of the most popular brands! see which pair i’m loving most and why.

Michele Watch just launched their brand new Desert Rose collection and it is stunning! i shared one of the watches here, and stay tuned for next weekend when i’ll be giving away one of the watches from the collection for Galentine’s Day!

we are currently in Dallas for a work trip! i can’t share a ton about it, but we are here with rewardStyle. we are staying a few days longer to take personal meetings and see some Dallas friends! last night we shot a really fun blog post with my girl Dani Austin. stay tuned!

have the best Super Bowl weekend! xx