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14 Mar

casual friday: sassy on the go

we have a lot of fun travel coming up, so i thought i’d share some of my travel essentials for today’s Casual Friday series! we are currently in Utah visiting family and pretty much have a booked schedule until Easter. travel is a huge part of my career, so i’ve definitely learned a few tips and tricks along the way.

i put together this fun little outfit to match my new shiny red luggage from Steamline Luggage! couldn’t be more obsessed with the lip print inside. it’s so fun and on brand for me, haha! i have the carry-on size and the cute hat box. i also own another set of luggage from the brand, and it truly is the most chic and luxurious luggage i own! perfect for stylish road trips and jetsetting.

my number one travel advice would be if you can to pack your pillow. i’ve learned that i can sleep on any bed {hard, soft, and everything in-between} if i have my pillow from home. now, i know this isn’t always easy but it’s SO worth it to both robbie and i that we definitely prioritize it when packing now. we have Tempurpedic pillows, so they squish down pretty well in our checked luggage. if we know we are staying in a nice hotel, we call ahead and ask if they have Tempupedic pillows. if they do, then we don’t bring ours.

speaking of sleep, since we always sleep with white noise, we also always bring a small portable white noise machine. that way, it’s guaranteed we won’t hear noise neighbors or traffic, no matter where we stay.

another item i can’t travel without?! i nice pair of headphones. i have these Beats! i upgraded to the bigger size last year so that they cover my whole ear. pricey, but well worth it and if you travel a lot you’ll get your money’s worth out of them for sure. i’ve also been meaning to snag the AirPods for awhile now too, for shorter trips.

wear your heaviest shoes while flying! whether that’s boots, booties, or chunky sneakers, you’ll save a lot of room {and some weight} by not packing these. same goes for your heaviest outerwear pieces, as well. even if you don’t wear your wool coat on the plane, bring it and stick it on top of your carryon.

hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! flying sucks all the moisture out of your skin and it’s easy to forgot to drink water when you’re just sitting there for hours. but it’s SO important and worth getting up once {or twice!} to use the restroom.

i’ve shared this before on vlogs and IG posts, but i never check any designer items. i bring a roller carry-on and store them in there or stick them in my second carry-on {my LV Neverfull tote bag}. same goes for jewelry or anything else valuable. things can easily get stolen out of your checked luggage {and do!}, so if you go designer shopping while traveling and don’t have room in your carry-on luggage, definitely opt to ship the pieces home.

on a plane, i like to wear comfy jeans, a tee, and a cardigan. that way, if the plane is hot i can opt out of the layering piece and if the plane is cold i can use the cardigan almost as a blanket.

because of all the issues i’ve had in the past with being allergic to beauty products, i always pack mini versions of my own down to shampoo, conditioner, lotion, body wash, etc. at Target, i snag the reusable little bottles in the travel section and refill them as needed. since we travel so much, that means i still get to keep to my routine of what works for me and use all of my favorite products all the time {that also don’t give me allergic reactions}.

when i go on business trips that are very busy {press trips that are only a few days and have a packed schedule, New York Fashion Week, etc.}, i like to pack my own snacks. i’ll buy the individual almond packets, rX Bars, and dried fruit. that way, i know i’ll have something healthy and filling to munch on when it’s a long time between meals. throw a handful of each into my carry-on tote bag and i’m all set!

i hope these travels tips were helpful! let me know if you have any specific questions down below. have a great weekend! xx

photos by Audrey Coons