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9 Jan

Celery Juice: My Miracle Cure

this is the first time i’ve ever shared anything like this on my blog and i’m so excited! while i firmly believe in living a healthy lifestyle and being curvy fit, my platform has never really been about sharing healthy/organic/natural living tips that have become so popular on Instagram. that’s no shade at all toward anyone who does, i just don’t know enough to speak openly about any of it! in fact, i find it all fascinating and it’s honestly scary how many bad things are in the products we eat, wear, use daily. i try my best to stay informed, while not being fanatical about anything. it’s all about balance in my personal opinion.

well, let’s just say over the past few months i’ve become a BIG believer in a natural remedy that i now use every single morning and it has worked absolute wonders for me. keep reading to see what serious issue has been ailing me for almost two years now and how i was cured.

skin reactions 

in 2017, i started having major allergic reactions on my skin. it first started when we went on a weekend trip to Newport Beach. i noticed these really itchy bumps starting to form on my hands. at first i thought they were hives, but then they started to become raised and liquid filled. then my thighs started to itch as well and large red bumps appeared. i took some Benadryl and applied an over-the-counter cortisone cream to the area, both of which did pretty much nothing, i then endured the most uncomfortable six hour car ride back to SF that weekend before i could get to a doctor. we ended up going to the ER because the wait for a quick care was over three hours and i was absolutely miserable {we tried home remedies too, like oatmeal baths and calamine lotion but no luck}. the doctor said i must have had some allergic reaction to something down there, maybe seafood, and gave me some Prednisone pills and a prescription strength steroid cream. in a few days, the itching stops and the bumps faded over the next week or so.

a few months later, Robbie and i traveled to Costa Rica with our travel blogger friends Sam and Ryan 0f Our Travel Passport. it was our first time in the Rich Coast and we had the most relaxing time staying at the JW Marriott resort there. however, the day before we were set to fly home, i woke up that morning with big puffy lips and little bumps forming around the edges. the outside of my hands were itching like crazy and bumps started to pop up in between my fingers and down my hands. since i was in a foreign country, my options were very limited, which made it even harder. by mid-day, i was having my most severe reaction yet. i was able to buy some Benadryl at a Walmart near the resort and bought a calamine lotion cream in the gift shop. again, neither helped at all.

by the time we were at the airport the next day, the top of both hands were covered in raised, liquid-filled bumps and my lips were crusted over with yellow blisters. after an excruciating plane ride that had me in tears because of the itchy discomfort, we went straight to an Urgent Care and were prescribed the same dose of an oral steroid and topical cream. this reaction took a couple weeks before it went away fully and left blemishes on my skin for months.

these skin reactions happened over and over again for more than a year and a half. we went to Miami to visit my brother and a few days in we ended up at a minute clinic getting yet another prescription of Prednisone. i went to Palm Springs for a bachelorette party a couple months later and the same bumps popped up.

it was at this point that we started to get serious about narrowing down what was causing all my reactions. we realized that all my reactions happened on sunny/beach trips where i was using sunscreen. i had even been using a mineral sunscreen that is supposed to be good for you. when i cut that out, the allergic reactions lessened but still happened here and there. eventually, i cut out all sunscreen after trying the most organic brands, because i was still breaking out.

finally, we booked appointments at a dermatologist and an allergist. they both suggested i get a patch test, where they would expose me to a bunch of different chemicals and substances to find out what i’m allergic to. they put a large plastic sheet across my back with tiny individual squares containing a wide variety of chemicals, products, and other common allergens. they told me i had to wear it for six days and when they took it off, the tiny patches of skin that were irritated would indicate what i was allergic to.

after six uncomfortable days of not being able to wash my back in the shower, i showed up to the allergist for my return appointment. after looking at everything, he told me i was having severe reactions to grass, certain chemicals/fragrances in a lot of soaps and shampoos and yes, sunscreens, and… wait for it… GOLD.

yes, that’s right. they told me i was allergic to gold. my heart almost stopped. i looked at my wedding ring and my Cartier love bracelet engraved with our wedding date that Robbie had given me for Christmas and wanted to cry. it made no sense, i had worn gold my whole life and just now i became allergic out of nowhere??

when i got home, Robbie and i decided that it might be a good idea to simply try a gold “detox” and give my body a break from whatever was repeatedly irritating it, rather than just tossing out all my precious, sentimental jewelry. i tried my best to keep all my jewelry off, but turns out that’s very difficult when you have a career as a fashion blogger. photo shoots, events, meetings, etc. prevented me from going completely naked of all my jewelry for even a short period of time. there was one little square patch on my back, right where the gold sample had been during my patch test, and it remained red and inflamed for months. we put prescription cream on it every day and it never went away.

the miracle cure

finally, our miracle came when we went to Hawaii for Robbie’s birthday with his brother Ryan and his wife Shannon. we love traveling with Ry and Shan because they’re so fun and we all get along great. as many of you have likely seen on my Stories, Robbie and Ryan are so similar with their sense of humor so when they get together it’s just a nonstop riot. Shannon is the sweetest gal and the best mom {be sure to go follow her @shan.tripp on Instagram, she shares so much important information!}. she is a pediatric ER nurse at Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City and she is so knowledgable about birth, motherhood, and health overall. sure enough, during our trip i started breaking out in itchy, irritated blotches again. on the trip, Robbie had bought me a beautiful rose gold necklace with a pearl on it and after wearing it for a day my entire chest/neck area was bright red. Shannon was there to see it it all and i had already told her before the trip that i hadn’t been able to be allergy-free for more than a month at a time. that’s when she told me to try something immediately when we got back home:

Celery juice.

Shannon told me that she makes her four kids drink celery juice every morning because it’s so good for the body. she explained that celery juice contains salts that kill toxins and flush them out of your body. it also strengthens and increases your stomach bile so you can properly break down fats and proteins, as well as flush out harmful chemicals and toxins from your body. basically, it’s really good for your body! i’m not a nutritionist or any other health expert so i’ll let you read this article by Medical Medium all about celery juicing if you want to go in-depth.

after listening to our knowledgable sis talk so highly about this “miracle drink”, we committed to trying it when we got home. i bought this juicer that night and it was waiting on our doorstep when we returned from Hawaii.

Shannon told us three very important tips before we started drinking celery juice:

1) drink 8-16 ounces first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and don’t eat for 20 minutes after.

2) the fresher the celery, the better. don’t put it through the juicer and then let it sit for days {or even overnight!} before drinking. drink it right after making!

3) don’t mix it with anything. to receive all the benefits of the celery juice, you have to drink it straight up, nothing but pure celery juice. if you absolutely hate the taste {might take some getting used to!}, you can add one whole cucumber to your celery juice. but over time, phase out the amount of cucumber to receive all the benefits of the celery juice.

that first morning i put a fresh stalk of celery in the juicer and made our first glass. there’s actually something really fun and satisfying about using a good juicer, it just shreds the fruit or vegetable instantly and turns it into pure juice! the only downside is the clean up, there’s about six parts to our juicer that have to be cleaned after each use, but so worth it {and really only takes about five minutes to clean}.

a lot of people have asked the amount of celery it takes to make enough juice. we just buy regular stalks of celery from the grocery store, but we try to buy the biggest ones in the pile. one solid stalk of celery typically makes about 20-25 ounces, which gives us each our own full glass to drink. we usually buy five stalks and keep them in the refrigerator to use for each day of the work week. then, over the weekend we go shopping for more!

my results 

we started juicing four months ago, and i’m sure you’re wondering now what my results have been…

not only have i not had a single allergic reaction since we started celery juicing, i haven’t gotten sick once!

that’s right: no winter colds, no flu, no bumps, no itching, no hives, nothing! it may sound too good to be true, but i’m being 100% honest when i say that celery juice has seriously become a miracle cure for me. i drink it each morning without fail and not only is it a great natural laxative {sorry for the TMI but it regularly flushes out the system each morning!} but it has kept me allergic reaction-free! i can’t recommend it enough.

update on gold allergy: after detoxing, i slowly started wearing my gold jewelry again, too. while i’ve been celery juicing and wearing my gold, no reactions have occurred!

to prove my point even further, i’ll be honest: i’ve actually gotten sick with a cold one time… and it happened as soon as i stopped celery juicing! when we moved to Arizona a few weeks ago, we had a million things to do before heading home for the holidays. in the hustle and bustle of the move, we simply didn’t have the time to be buying fresh celery and juicing every morning, and then we went home for the holidays where of course we didn’t have a juicer. well, after just two weeks of not juicing, i got my first stuffy nose and sore throat in over four months.

needless to say, Robbie and i hopped back on the celery juice as soon as we returned from the holidays and it feels so good. after almost two years of finding no relief from my allergic reactions after countless doctors visits, i’m convinced that celery juice is nature’s miracle drink for washing bad stuff out of your body. don’t believe me? try it yourself! if you’re having any sort of chronic issues, try celery juicing and see if it clears up! not only is it a healthy way to start your day, it could help cure your ailments.

just as a reminder, this is not a breakfast replacement! please make sure to eat 20-30 minutes after drinking your celery juice each morning.

tag me on your Instagram Stories and let me know if you’ve started juicing after reading my experience! can’t wait to see what you think!

also, Robbie and i have been getting so many questions about our juicer. you can purchase our exact juicer here!

thanks to Mission Loft for letting us shoot in their incredible kitchen!