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16 Dec

my christmas wish list.

red Gucci loafers: these have been at the tippy top of my wish list for quite some time. they pretty much fit the bill for a sassy red shoe, right?!

slip™ for beauty sleep pure silk pillowcase: i’ve read so many reviews from beauty bloggers about how amazing this pillowcase is for your hair! i’ve been dying to try it out. plus, it comes in a bunch of different colors.

hot pink sweater from Nordstrom: i’m a big fan of tunic sweaters and this color is one of my favorites! looks so cozy and chic.

SoulCycle cycleing shoes: i’m pretttttttty over paying $3 for rental shoes on top of a $30 spin class… so these are a must!

Nikon D5500 camera body: my current DSRL camera is about eight years old, so it’s time for a new camera! i specifically was looking for one to shoot flay lays, outfit photos for Instagram, and something i can take with me while traveling. i did a lot of research and since i’m not a professional and regularly hire one to shoot my blog photos, i decided to go with this semi-professional one for my other needs!

Karen Walker sunglasses: i have these from Ditto in black and absolutely love them. the rose gold frames immediately caught my attention though and i knew i wanted to add these to my collection!

rose gold Nike Air Max Thea: my favorite Nike shoe in my favorite metallic color, enough said.