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10 Dec

christmas with the tripps.

RStripp2015-44december is my most favorite month of the entire year. besides it being my birthday month, there’s nothing i love more than the spirit of the season, the generosity to/from others, & the festive decorations all around. by now, you’ve probably realized that Robbie & i enjoy being together for photoshoots. i love going back and looking at photo albums on my computer over and over again to relive the good memories. i wanted some extra special photos of just the two of us this Christmas. we decided to do a more formal Christmas card because there’s also nothing we love more than dressing up! {Robbie always says one of the reasons he made me his wife is because he likes how “fancy” i am haha!}

i collaborated with some incredibly talented people to make my vision for this shoot come to life! Zaira Benson custom made my red gown and i am in love with how it turned out! i can’t wait to wear it to the next formal event we attend {wishing there was a Christmas Gala to go to!}. my makeup was done by Lesley Lind and hair by Cassandra Dunn. let me tell you, these ladies are the ultimate glam squad. i’ve never loved my makeup and hair more, which is why we have a fun giveaway with both these mega-talented babes coming this weekend! lastly, MarKette from The Golden Petal designed my Christmas bouquet and it was so dreamy {use code ‘sassy‘ for 10% off a bouquet from now until January 15th!}. i couldn’t be more happy with how these photos turned out! {which is why i’ve included pretty much all of them. #sorrynotsorry for the photo overload.}

merry christmas from the tripps! xx

RStripp2015-5 RStripp2015-30 RStripp2015-49 RStripp2015-58 RStripp2015-4 RStripp2015-7 RStripp2015-1 RStripp2015-39 RStripp2015-25 RStripp2015-41 RStripp2015-31 RStripp2015-51 RStripp2015-2 RStripp2015-34 RStripp2015-6 RStripp2015-72 RStripp2015-20 RStripp2015-45 RStripp2015-26 RStripp2015-15 RStripp2015-35 RStripp2015-53 RStripp2015-11 RStripp2015-3 RStripp2015-19 RStripp2015-29 RStripp2015-47 RStripp2015-9 RStripp2015-24 RStripp2015-60 RStripp2015-43 RStripp2015-37 RStripp2015-62 RStripp2015-40 RStripp2015-55 RStripp2015-27 RStripp2015-75 RStripp2015-33 RStripp2015-56 RStripp2015-67 RStripp2015-50 RStripp2015-65 RStripp2015-73 RStripp2015-57 RStripp2015-38 RStripp2015-61 RStripp2015-52 RStripp2015-59dress c/o: Zaira Benson {Etsy shop here}
earrings: Banana Republic {from my wedding!}
heels: J. Crew
bouquet c/o: The Golden Petal
MUA c/o: Lesley Lind
hair stylist c/o: Cassandra Dunn

photos by Chantel Marie