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14 Oct

crisp white.

these photos were taken right before i colored my hair dark in september, but i love this outfit and wanted to share. how cute is this house!? this whole street is lined with these exact quaint homes and their view faces the Golden Gate Bridge on the Presidio. so dreamy!

i’ve always loved the simplicity of a crisp white button down. there’s just something about throwing one on over jeans and instantly feeling put together. i chose a few accessories with simple lines in fall tones to make this look season appropriate. i’m also wearing my second pair of Jennie Curvy Jeans by True Religion {see the first post here} and the fit is just so good for my curves!

sometimes going back to basics makes for the perfect outfit. as the weather cools down, a button-up with a long cardigan and booties is easily one of my go-to fall styles. so simple, yet chic and pulled-together.

have the best weekend! i mentioned this on IG, but robbie and i are moving down a floor to a more spacious condo {where we will finally have an office!}, and we started the move process yesterday. hoping to get everything moved over by tomorrow! xx08-22-2016_7017_personal_sanfran08-22-2016_7050_personal_sanfran 08-22-2016_6988_personal_sanfran 08-22-2016_7011_personal_sanfran 08-22-2016_6973_personal_sanfran 08-22-2016_6976_personal_sanfran 08-22-2016_7035_personal_sanfran 08-22-2016_6990_personal_sanfran 08-22-2016_7001_personal_sanfran 08-22-2016_6997_personal_sanfran 08-22-2016_6994_personal_sanfran 08-22-2016_7036_personal_sanfran 08-22-2016_6971_personal_sanfranwhite button down
True Religion jennie curvy jeans c|o True Religion
burgundy sandals {similar here & here}
black choker
rose gold watch
Gucci soho disco
Karen Walker sunglasses
Caramello liquid lipstick

photos by Chantel Marie