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25 Sep

My Current Skincare Faves

i get asked quite frequently about my favorite skincare products, so i thought i’d round them all up in one place here! i try out new products every season or so and the below items are the ones that have been on heavy rotation since late spring. this isn’t a “pregnancy skincare routine” because at the end of the day you need to talk to your doctor about what you both feel comfortable using while pregnant/breast feeding. :] hope that makes sense! these are just a handful of product i’ve been using and loving.

i definitely had to switch things up at the beginning of the year because 1) i was pregnant and 2) Arizona is a totally different climate than San Francisco! which basically means i needed a lot more moisture because it’s so, so dry here. while i’m not using any acne/retinol products right now, i will have to say that it’s been fascinating to watch my skin change during pregnancy. for example, i was prepared that my skin would take a turn for the worse BUT it actually seemed to even out more?! i had horrible hormonal acne from the time i went off birth control to the time i got pregnant, and for some strange reason it seemed to lessen while pregnant. now i just get a few spots here and there, but nothing like before. crazy right!? it just goes to show that hormones affect everyone differently!

do you use any of these products!? what’s your current must-have!?

Extreme Recovery Cream: i was first introduced to Colleen Rothschild at the rewardStyle Conference in April! i had of course had heard of the brand and seen friends and fellow bloggers posting about it, but actually meeting Colleen and learning about her brand sold me! i use this cream both morning and night here in Arizona and really feel like it locks in moisture!

Radiant Cleansing Balm: probably my favorite CR product! i double cleanse at night and this is the first cleanser i use. you put it straight on your face without water and it just melts your makeup and all the dirt and grime of the day away. i remove said makeup/dirt/grime with a reusable cloth.

Balancing Gel Cleanser: this is the second cleanser i use {with my Clean Pro tool!} and it really gets any last tidbits off my face! i use a new wash cloth towel every night to dry my face.

Complete Eye Cream: i use this eye cream in the mornings. it’s light and is the perfect “primer” for concealer/foundation under my eyes.

Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado: this is the more heavy duty eye cream i use at night. it’s soooo creamy and smooth, but not oily. i love how it makes the delicate skin under my eyes feel! i’ve been using this for over a year now and have gone through two containers. highly recommend!

Lip Sleeping Mask: i’ve chatted about this product a million times, but it’s truly the best. i used to be obsessed with putting on chapstick {the Vegas girl in me… dry climate!}, but now i hardly ever wear any because i put this lip mask on at night and it hydrates so well that i don’t feel like i need lip product during the day. i obviously still wear a lot of lipstick and lipgloss for aesthetic reasons, but i hardly ever feel the need to apply chapstick for dry lips!

Personal Microderm Pro: i started using my PMD tool about a year ago and haven’t looked back since! i use it once a week and feel like it’s truly changed my skin for the better. more even skin tone, fades acne scars, helps my product penetrate deeper, etc. it’s the best at-home exfoliating tool! you can read more about my experience with it here.

Clean Pro RQ: i mentioned above how i use my Clean tool daily {with my second cleanse every night!}. i’ll be sharing more about it in an upcoming post, but basically it’s essential to my skincare routine and getting my face squeaky clean each night!

Healing Ointment: this is my go-to drugstore product that’s simply magic IMO. robbie and i both use this every day, all the time–on scars, on acne, on burns, on chapped lips, etc. can’t wait to use the baby version on Baby Tripp!