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12 Dec

curves for christmas.

srl_5-63we are down to only two weeks before Christmas! where did these last couple months even go!?

this is by far my most favorite holiday outfit i’m sharing with you this year! i’m always drawn to reds, but this green velvet dress just did it for me. the cut is so flattering, the fabric looks so luxe, and the price is insanely good {on sale for under $35 with almost all sizes still available!}. i wore this in Paris and just felt so chic & festive.

i’m sure most of you have been attending holiday parties already and still have more to go to! that being said, i wanted to share a few words about confidently dressing for your body type this season.

as most of you know, while in Paris i was able to be behind the scenes of the Victoria’s Secret fashion show. now, don’t get me wrong, the influencers and bloggers i was surrounded by were stunning, as were the models walking down the runway in their lingerie and costumes. but i noticed a trend that actually made me stop dead in my tracks. why are we as women still stuck on rail thin as the ideal body type? now, i know many of the VS models are fit as well as thin & i respect how they work their butts off, but i do feel there is an unrealistic portrayal of the female body that is promoted at these events. i witnessed firsthand so many women oohhhing and ahhhing over these professional models in real life and on social media, which i feel only further solidifies the notion that these models are the only form of gorgeous! they are stunning no doubt, but that doesn’t mean they should be placed on a pedestal as the gold standard of being a sexy woman.

i noticed another concerning trend after the VS Show: i saw so many memes about not eating, needing to work out excessively, etc. after the show went live. the popularity of the Victoria’s Secret fashion show seems to make ‘regular’ women completely forget how beautiful they actually are. add the fact that it’s now the holiday season and i’m sure many women are even more stressed out than usual about the events/parties to attend, glamorous dresses to fit into, and people to impress, am i right? it can be a particularly tough time of the year to be a female if you’re already struggling.

so i have a few words for you: don’t you forget you’re beautiful, no matter your body shape.

it can be a busy and stressful time of the year, which is why it’s even more important to take care of how you look and how you feel. love yourself and accept yourself. don’t say no to a few sweets because of how social media may make you feel. enjoy the holidays and celebrate your body! find a flattering dress {or two!} for your body shape, slip on a pair of Spanx {i’ve got them on under this dress}, and rock your outfit. i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again: confident style goes a long way.

one of my favorite memes i’ve seen going around since the VS Fashion Show is one that urges Victoria’s Secret to add curve models to their famous show in the future:


how amazing would it be to see this and have our daughters grow up in a world where several different body types are represented and considered sexy?

i hope you have the best holiday season and never forget to honor your curves! xxsrl_5-4 srl_5-70 srl_5-11 srl_5-6 srl_5-29 srl_5-39 srl_5-17 srl_5-71 srl_5-55 srl_5-3 srl_5-37 srl_5-56 srl_5-20 srl_5-28 srl_5-41 srl_5-58 srl_5-30 srl_5-23 srl_5-67green velvet dress {curvy sizes here}
gold heels
crystal choker
fishnet socks
cat-eye sunglasses
Gucci soho disco bag
Beso lipstick
Laced Hair extensions in 1b

photos by Chantel Marie