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26 Feb

curvy fit with Nike.

ever since i began promoting body confidence on my blog and being open about my journey to loving my body, i’ve received an incredible outpouring of support from so many women. it’s been so beautiful to see that by being open and celebrating my curves, others have gained the confidence to become more open themselves. it is so rewarding when i receive messages from women who say they took off their swimskirt at the beach for the first time after seeing one of my posts or that they decided to stop being so hard on themselves when they look in the mirror. i love hearing any and all stories of women finding love for their bodies, no matter their size or shape.

there’s also been another interesting response to my body confidence platform that i never could have predicted. because so many of my posts deal with accepting your body no matter the size, and because i also occasionally post about my personal exercise routines, i’ve received many subtle but obvious questions that basically boil down to this: if you really love and accept your body, then why do you care about working out and eating right?

i feel like this question is usually meant to be more judgmental than curious, but i wanted to talk about it because it brings up a great point for curvy girls. i just want to say that there is a big difference between wanting to be healthy and wanting to change yourself! no matter what size you are, a nutritious diet and an active lifestyle is the recipe for a positive and happy life. that’s a fact. i exercise and try to eat right not because i’m unhappy with how i look, but because it makes me feel good about myself. i’ve mentioned this in previous posts but i’ll say it again because i believe it’s good advice. when i feel insecure and chubby, it’s almost always when i have been sitting on my laptop all day in my pjs and not watching what i eat. on the flip side, whenever i get back from SoulCycle or have Sweetgreen for dinner, i feel good which means i look good, too. feeling down on my body is rarely a matter of my actual weight, but rather how my body feels. 

i recently saw this video interview on Teen Vogue with several popular curvy models i admire and Jordyn Woods even addresses this exact topic! it was cool to hear her similar perspective and also that of the other models. check it out:

bottom line: if you love your body, you’re going to take care of it. don’t work out because you hate yourself, work out because you love yourself, no matter your size or shape!

sassy red lipstick’s curvy fit tips

there’s also another question i receive frequently: what’s your fitness routine?

great question. now, you know i’m all about keeping it real so i’ll start by saying that consistency has been difficult for me over the years. i’ll start a new workout plan or a new fitness schedule and inevitably it gets lost in the crazy shuffle of daily life, mostly due to how much robbie and i travel. but no matter how many times i stop and start a new routine, i know that what’s most important is that i’m doing something. it may not be the most consistent thing in the world, but as long as i’m getting up and breaking a sweat a few times a week, i know i’ll feel good!

below i have detailed a few of the things i like to do for exercise. one thing i’ve learned about myself is that i’ve got to enjoy my exercise in order to do it. there are plenty of people out there who love the pain and challenge of running a 10k or crossfit or whatever else but i know that i’m not one of those people. if you’re like me, then these are some fun and effective ways to get moving and keep your body happy and healthy.

find your Soul
if you follow me on social media, then you probably already know i ride at SoulCycle a couple times a week. i decided to try it out when we first moved to San Francisco and quickly fell in love! i’m a big fan of this ‘community’ ride, the upbeat music, and how much i sweat. i always push myself in these classes, and just a few weeks in i could tell what a difference it was making. my legs were stronger, i could run/sprint for a longer time, and i wasn’t gasping for air anymore. it was truly the first type of exercise i really enjoyed and i haven’t looked back! it’s definitely pricey, and thus why i only go about twice a week. however, it’s a great workout and one i always looks forward to, so it’s worth it in my opinion. i’ve also gone to a few other spin classes here in SF and while Soul is my favorite, i always love the cycling workout in other studios, too! i’ve really come to enjoy group classes and think it’s a fun way to get your body moving whatever it may be– hot yoga, pilates, zumba, etc. plus, a lot of times i go with girlfriends, which is even better!

kayla itsines’ bikini body guide {bbg}
this is one of those love/hate workout plans to me. again, i’ll keep it real and say i’ve never actually finished all 12 weeks of this program, but i’ve made it to week six and seven several times. while the hardest part is the 28-minute interval workouts three times a week, i definitely could feel and see results. i grew stronger each week and my clothes fit better, too. if you can get a consistent routine and finish the plan, you’ll see the results! i plan on recommitting to it this summer with my blogger bestie Tamryn, who’s on week twenty-something, which is a major accomplishment. i do love that the bbg movement uses all your different body parts and Kayla focuses on building muscle and becoming healthy, as opposed to losing weight. i also like that i can do almost all the exercises in my home. when i first started, i didn’t feel super comfortable in a gym and it was nice that i could do it wherever and still get a workout in. when i did go to the gym to do bbg, i always head into an empty dance/class room and get to work!

go for a jog
i have never been a runner and will never be a runner, but i am a jogger! robbie and i used to go on runs together when we were dating, but these days i mostly get my cardio in from spin. however, when i do go for a run, good shoes are a must. my current trainers of choice are the Nike Lunarepic Flyknit. they are so comfortable, lightweight, and of course stylish. even better, they transition so easily from a workout to a casual athleisure look. i love how neutral the white pair is and have already styled them several different ways! although you won’t find me sprinting the hills of SF, you can find me jogging along the Embarcadero. as i mentioned before, it doesn’t matter what you do, just that you’re getting your heart rate up and breaking a sweat! Nike Lunarepic Flyknit shoes c|o Nike
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