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13 May

Dare to Bare with Movemeant.

as you all know, i’ve been very open about my journey to loving my body. it took me a while to get here but i’m just so happy that i have found this place of self-love & acceptance that many woman struggle for so long to find. like i talked about in my recent screw the scale post, your beauty and worth is not about numbers on a scale, it’s about how you feel. if you like how you look in photos, are happy with how your clothes fit, and maintain an active/healthy lifestyle, how dare anyone tell you that you need to be a certain weight or size?! your body is unique and beautiful, just like you. i think society needs to come to the realization that curvy can still be strong & healthy!

when i first moved to San Francisco, i was so excited to start doing SoulCycle classes. i had seen so many bloggers and other friends post about their love for it, and i was so excited to see what all the hype was about. i fell in love immediately and to this day it is my main exercise routine. i look forward to waking up in the mornings and getting a great workout in a positive & energetic environment. soon after getting into cycling, i started doing something that was new {and a little bit surprising} for me: i took off my tank and exercised in just my sports bra. if you would have told me this five or even two years ago i would have probably laughed or cried. but i’ll tell you something, it feels so good. by taking this confident step out of my box, i suddenly became more confident. i don’t even think twice about the fact that i’m a curvy girl with a soft tummy and love handles and here’s the big secret: no one else does either! we are often so caught up in our own insecurities that we think the world is staring at us. but when i started ditching my tank and rocking just leggings and a sports bra to workout, i became so empowered by myself. since making this discovery, i’ve talked to other girl friends and blogger pals and convinced them to do the same.

this is why i am so happy to have found a nonprofit organization that embodies everything i believe. Movemeant is a San Francisco-based organization that enables women & girls to find self-confidence and positive body image through encouraging physical, emotional and mental well being. one of my favorite things about Movemeant is their Dare To Bare campaign. Dare To Bare started as Movemeant’s charity fitness event where they “dared” everyone to embrace a positive body image by taking off your tank top and working out in just your sports bra! however, it’s become something much larger, a mission of encouraging women to overcome the insecurities we have about our bodies by choosing to bare those vulnerabilities in an effort to conquer them! Jenny, who is the founder of Movemeant and also a senior SoulCycle instructor, wanted to empower young women to feel confident in this day and age when unrealistic body images are glorified. one of my very favorite aspects of Movemeant is the curriculum they’ve implemented in middle schools throughout the Bay Areas {currently 20 schools!} in order to help young girls learn all about self-love, physical activity, and what it means to develop confidence.

i recently had the privilege of joining a group of 20 other ladies of all different shapes and sizes for Movemeant’s photo shoot {in their cutest Sweaty Betty gear} and it was such a positive and fulfilling experience. i was just one curvy girl in a group of girls so beautiful and diverse: some young, some old, some skinny, some curvy, some tall, some short. it was a powerful reminder of the great work that Movemeant is doing to bring women together, celebrate both our differences and similarities, and empower one another.

here’s a little behind-the-scenes look at my photo shoot today modeling for @movemeant in this amazing @sweatybetty workout outfit! ? Movemeant is a San Francisco-based non-profit organization that promotes body positivity & encourages women to maintain an active lifestyle. i was so honored when they asked me to be one of the faces of their movement & cannot wait to share more about it in the coming weeks. tune in to my IG story to watch all the fun from today! {p.s. this photo is unretouched, no photoshop, because the real you is the most beautiful you!} ???#movemeant #movemeanttribe #idaretobare #meanttomove // Sweaty Betty outfits from today here: #liketkit #sweatybetty

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i’m so proud to be a part of this amazing organization and i encourage you all to check them out & get involved. you can see if there is a Dare To Bare live event scheduled for your city or you can participate on social media using the hashtag #IDareToBare and showing your own self-confidence and body positivity! i’ll be checking the hashtag periodically and can’t wait to see your photos… and confidence!

for those of your in the Bay Area, the semi-annual Dare to Bare event is happening NEXT weekend {May 20th} and i’m so excited to attend! i’d love to see you there for this amazing cause. use code ‘SASSYREDLIPSTICK‘ to get 20% off all classes during the event. i’ll be riding a SoulCycle bike at the 12pm event! to ride with me, you can use my code with a $100 donation to secure a bike {the normal going rate is $350!}. i hope to see you there, it’s going to be an amazing event! plus, who doesn’t want to work out on the Marina Green with the Golden Gate Bridge as your view!? xx

thanks to Sweaty Betty for all this amazing gear!