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23 Apr

discovering spring with Trunk Club.

it’s always so fun shopping for a new season! there’s new styles & trends out, and in particular, i love shopping for spring! it’s such a refreshing change after a long, cold winter. you know i love pinks and pastels, and although i wear them year round, it’s even more fun to shoot spring looks once it’s actually warm and sunny out. since i love shopping for spring items, i thought i’d try Trunk Club to help me discover even more amazing new styles!

Trunk Club is a Nordstrom company that basically takes out all of the inconvenience when it comes to shopping. shopping in stores can be overwhelming, so Trunk Club does all the hard work for you! you sign up for an account on, input all your clothing/accessory preferences, sizes, and any other important info when it comes to what you like, and voilà! one of Trunk Club’s stylist will help you discover trends & styles that work for your body type with their expert service. your stylist will send you an entire trunk full of clothing/shoes/accessories to help build and transform your wardrobe. it’s shipped straight to you, you get to try on everything in the convenience {and good lighting!} of your own home, keep what you want, exchange if needed, and send back what you don’t want. you can leave your stylist feedback on each item too, so he or she will understand more of what you are or aren’t looking for. when you’re done with your Trunk, you can even schedule a pick-up time so you don’t have to go to the UPS store!

i wanted to document and share my entire Trunk Club experience with you, so below are photos from when i received my Trunk, what it looked like, and the outfit i ended up keeping! i specifically asked my stylist for fun & colorful looks for spring. i also sent my stylist my IG so she could get a feel for my style, AKA lots of pink. i love that she sent lots of feminine pieces: scallops, floral prints, shades of pink, etc. i felt like my stylist truly listened to what i was looking for and yet she sent me items i wouldn’t necessarily have chosen for myself that i ended up loving! my stylist also sent items that i already own {like the BaubleBar earrings & nude block heel sandals}, so i really feel like she nailed my style. i kept the prettiest floral print dress with blue tones and the below outfit. i loved the refreshing spring shade of navy and scalloped edges of the skirt. i think my favorite item was the pair of Converse! the satin laces added the perfect amount of femininity, while still keeping the cool factor of the Chuck sneaker. i loved my experience with Trunk Club and can’t wait to discover what new styles & trends will be in my next Trunk!

thanks to Trunk Club for sponsoring this post!