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29 Jun

every body is beautiful.

i’m all about a monochromatic look and when that look includes the background, even better! how fun is this water color dress from Junie Blake?! i love how flattering it is on my figure and its just-below-the-knee length. it’s perfect for a formal or conservative setting!

speaking of figure, today i wanted to chat about something that’s been on my mind lately. for those of you who have been following me for awhile, you know i speak often about body positivity and honoring my curves. i frequently flaunt my shape and use the hashtag ‘honoryourcurves’ on my IG posts to help encourage women to love their bodies. i’ve also written a blog post about us ‘in-betweeners‘ who are neither a size 2 or size 16, but somewhere in between.

why do i do this? because many women think they have to hide their shape, regardless of their size. because society and media have a very narrow portrayal of what women should look like. because there aren’t enough women out there encouraging other women to love who they are, both inside and out. because their aren’t many fashion bloggers out there who are ‘mid-size’ {neither skinny nor plus-size} and comfortable with it. i stand for honoring my curves because i want you to honor yours.

related: Sarah Tripp tells Women’s Health that “beauty comes in many different shapes and sizes”

now, i realize not all my followers have my same hourglass shape. some may be those size twos and others may be plus-size. i don’t want any of you to think that just because i talk about my size 10 curvy shape that i think only that body type is beautiful and worth talking about. i talk about my shape because i know it best AND because it’s taken me a long time to get to this point where i’m proud of my body. i talk about honoring my curves because i truly do love them.

i advocate for curvy women because i identify with them, but more importantly, i stand for body positivity. i think every women is beautiful, regardless of shape or size. i want every woman to feel the same positivity about themselves and others. that’s all i’m trying to accomplish here! i don’t want anyone to think that i believe having a curvy body is the best body, and if they don’t then they aren’t as beautiful. i simply talk about my curvy body because it’s what i know and i know a lot of women who follow me can relate. but really, it’s body positivity no matter the shape or size that’s important to me. when we stand for this, we as women are coming together to change the direction of the fashion industry, but also how society views our bodies in general.

so here’s to a healthy perception of our own bodies & loving who we are! xx

HaleyNordPhotography-91 HaleyNordPhotography-103 HaleyNordPhotography-97 HaleyNordPhotography-87 HaleyNordPhotography-99HaleyNordPhotography-94-1b HaleyNordPhotography-88 HaleyNordPhotography-100 HaleyNordPhotography-105 HaleyNordPhotography-107 HaleyNordPhotography-86 HaleyNordPhotography-108 HaleyNordPhotography-90 HaleyNordPhotography-101water color dress c|o Junie Blake
Rebecca Minkoff handbag
Valentino Rockstud heels
rose gold watch
Karen Walker sunglasses
Koko K liquid lipstick
Hidden Crown hair extensions

photos by Haley Nord