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where are you based?

san francisco! i love living in The City because it’s never dull. there’s always fun things to do, new places to eat, and new sites to see. {plus, there’s an endless amount of cute pink houses here so it’s perfect for me.}

where does ‘sassy red lipstick’ come from?

growing up, my mom always called me ‘Sassafras’, her quirky spin on my name. also, being sassy has been a prominent personality trait of mine since i was a little girl. my love for lipstick began my freshmen year of college when i realized i could really pull off the look. i had to start a blog for a class that year and the name just came to me, two things that make me who i am: lipstick and being sassy.

why did you start a fashion blog?

i’ve always loved fashion. i look to trends for inspiration but i definitely like to be unique and showcase my own style. i’ve read fashion blogs for years and had always wanted to start my own. two summers ago, i lived in New York City as an advertising intern one summer in college and it was there that i first really began thinking about starting my own fashion blog. when i returned home, my supportive boyfriend-now-husband Robbie made me realize that i needed to chase my dreams. i’m so glad i made the decision to take that first step because it’s led to so many wonderful things in my life.

do you have any tips for me and my blog?

just be yourself! it’s easy to get caught up in what the social media world wants to see but being yourself is the most important. i am definitely more attracted to things that i feel are genuine and relatable. find your niche and go with it! think of your blog as a creative outlet, not as a place to gain status or whatever else. love yourself for who you are and your followers will love you right back! growing a following takes a lot of time and consistency, but if you truly love what you are doing and are doing it for the right reasons then the work will be all worth it.

what kind of camera do you use and who takes your pictures?

in sassy red lipstick’s early days, Robbie shot for me using our Nikon D80 with a 50mm lens. now, i shoot with several different California photographers, who you can see tagged in each post. {i also love to work with my girls Haley Nord when i’m in Utah and Love Audrey Photography when in Arizona.}

i’m always open to working with new photographers, in California or anywhere else if i’m traveling, so shoot me an email at if interested!

where can i find more info about your wedding?

may 10th, 2014 was the best day of my life. you can read all about our special day from this post where i have linked all previous wedding/engagement posts at the bottom, as well as all vendors.

what extensions do you wear?

i currently wear a halo from Hidden Crown Hair Extensions in the Dark Brown {2} in the 20″ and love it so much! i have also worn Bellami hair extensions and i liked them as well! i had the Dirty Blonde 22″ & later the Ash Blonde 20″ color. make sure you have this brand thinned before wearing, however, otherwise they are super heavy. i loved my clip-ins, but over time i was ready to move on and now i wear the halo {and absolutely would never go back to clip-ins}.

what’s your biggest style tip?

i believe there’s a difference between wearing trends and being trendy. wearing trends is just wearing something because it’s “in,” whereas being trendy is being aware of what looks fit your personality and body type. if you aren’t comfortable with a certain trend or you feel it’s not super flattering, don’t wear it just because it’s popular. being comfortable in your own skin clothes shines through and radiates confidence. knowing how to dress for your body type is one of the biggest characteristics of a girl with great style.

what’s your natural hair color?

believe it or not, despite my darker features, i’m actually a natural (dirty) blonde! in high school i was even a true blonde! i first dyed my hair brunette my freshmen year of college and loved it because it made my dark eyes and brows really pop. i’ve since experimented with ombré (loved that look!!) & gone back to blonde but it seems i always end up back at being a dark brunette. i love different colors for different reasons and like most girls, i am constantly switching up my ‘do.

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