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31 Jan

my favorite styling tip.

i started working at Nordstrom my sophomore year of high school as an intern. i was fifteen, obsessed with clothes, and couldn’t get enough! i helped with events in the BP department like pressing initials & images onto those famous BP Scarves that came in every color of the rainbow and making gift wrapping box after gift wrapping box during the crazy holiday season. my tasks were very menial, but i seriously just loved the atmosphere and being involved in a fashion-forward business. i still remember the day i finally turned 18 my senior year of high school and could officially work for Nordstrom as a full-time employee! it was an exciting job opportunity and i worked full-time for Nordy the rest of my senior year and all summer before i left for college. i was really proud of my ‘career’ with the company & all the hard work i put into it while still going to school!

during my training, one of the very specific guidelines for employees’ appearance was to wear a ‘third piece’ at all times. this styling tip has stuck with me today and i’m still reaching for that added layer or item to make an average outfit more interesting.

a third piece can be a sleeveless coat {like in today’s post}, a blazer, a vest, a neck scarf, a brooch, a statement necklace, a long cardigan, etc. basically, it’s an added item or layer that really dresses up your ensemble and shows off your style! it gives your outfit more personality and in turn, is your way of making the look more unique.

so the next time you reach for jeans and a tee, add a neck scarf or a boyfriend blazer. it’s simple and easy to find that extra something to spiff up your outfit and make it more complete! this is by far one of my favorite styling tips and one i continually use on a daily basis. give it a try! xx sleeveless camel coat
pink sweater {on sale!}
dark wash bootcut denim
Stuart Weitzman nude heels
Givenchy antigona mini
champagne tassel earrings
Tory Burch sunglasses
Patina liquid lipstick

photos by Julia O Test