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20 May

Flaunt Your Shape with Coco Reef Swim.

as you all know, i share a lot of swimsuits! some are trendy, some are fast fashion, and others are high quality suits that will actually last you all summer. i also realize that many women only buy one or two new swimsuits for summer. as a teenager and a young woman in college, that’s exactly what i did. i distinctly remember going with my mom to department stores to try on a million suits to find just one suit that fit right for my body type. and it was hard. i almost always came out of that experience not feeling great about myself. when i was growing up, suits weren’t made for me. they were made for thin girls or plus size girls, and not a whole lot in between.

with the body positive trend on the rise, i’m so happy to see that this has changed so much! i don’t like to think as body positivity as simply a trend because for me it’s much more than that. but it sure does help that so many brands and companies are jumping on board with this concept that not only are women NOT all made the same, but that we can all learn to love and accept our bodies just as they are.

Coco Reef Swim helps me do just that! in both of these suits below, i feel amazing. the fit is just right because of a few things: first, Coco Reef suits are made with LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™ fiber technology that creates a longer-lasting, shape-retaining swimsuit. this means your suit won’t sag with age! LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™ also provides protection from chlorine, sunscreen, and heat!

next, Coco Reef Swim is bra-sized. i ordered my swimsuits according to my cup size and they fit perfectly. i have underwire support, which means instead of my chest getting flattened, it’s accentuated in all the right ways. the straps are adjustable too, just like a normal bra. the cups are molded but also removable. i love having options, don’t you?!

and last but not least, some of Coco Reef’s swimsuits have contour shape! i choose two that did and i love how they accentuate my hourglass figure. even better, the contouring is comfortable! it doesn’t feel restrictive at all. a huge part of looking good in a swimsuit is also feeling good, and Coco Reef Swim helps you do just that. i’m proud to flaunt my shape in these flattering one pieces that give me the confidence to rock them at the beach. plus, let’s talk about the detailing! the mesh neckline on the cobalt blue swimsuit and the texture on the white swimsuit are so on point! i love a clean-looking swimsuit that fits right, gives me support, and allows me to move {or lounge!} comfortably whether at the beach or pool.

be sure to check out the rest of Coco Reef Bra Sized Swimwear, as they have many swimsuits that you can mix and match, as well as various one pieces! use code ‘Sarah20‘ to get 20% off your order from Coco Reef Swim. and stay tuned for an exciting giveaway on my Instagram where i’ll be giving away a $150 gift card so you can buy your very own Coco Reef Swim suit! xx

white one piece c|o Coco Reef Swim
hot pink sunglasses
mint sarong
straw circle bag
Pink Nouveau lipstick

cobalt blue one piece c|o Coco Reef Swim
cat eye sunglasses
Pink Nouveau lipstick

thanks to Coco Reef Swim for sponsoring this post!