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8 Jun

flying to Europe with WOW air.

as many of you may remember, last year i got the opportunity to travel to Paris with my sister-in-law for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. it was such an exciting last minute opportunity that i booked the flight only a few weeks before the trip. i found flights on a newer airline called WOW air, and i couldn’t believe i was able to score such an incredible price for such last minute tickets. fast-forward to our Europe trip this year, i flew WOW air again, and robbie and i had the incredible opportunity to work with the airline!

WOW air is based out of Iceland and has flights all over the world! we are lucky that our home base of San Francisco is one of the hubs for this ‘happy low-fare, long-haul airline.’ its a relatively new company, founded in November 2011 and now serves 33 destinations across Europe, North America, and Asia. this budget-friendly airliner promises low prices, punctuality, newer planes, and smiles. robbie and i were so impressed with not only the quality of the aircrafts themselves, but also how friendly & accommodating {and visually appealing, i swear each flight attendant is a Nordic supermodel} the crew was. as someone who comes from an Advertising background, i absolutely loved WOW air’s colorful branding and their witty little phrases plastered all throughout the plane.

we flew out of San Francisco with a short layover in Iceland before arriving in London. on our way back, we flew out of Paris with the same layover in Iceland before arriving home. the flight from San Francisco to Iceland is about eight hours and from there just a few more hours to both London and Paris. i don’t mind breaking up the trip with a layover! it was great to be able to stretch, grab some food, and walk around. one day we will explore the beauty of Iceland but this trip only provided a quick stop.

a few things to keep in mind with a discount airliner:

*bag weight is very strict: checked luggage can only be 44 lbs {20 kg} and the only free bag is one personal item. all other carry-ons, both large and small, have a cost.

*bring your own snacks and drinks! the airline does have food/drink available but they are not complimentary.

*bring a neck pillow, ear plugs, & eye mask! while you do have plenty of leg room to stretch out, the seats aren’t the most cushy, so it’s a great idea to bring anything that will help you sleep.

*booking tip: when booking online, you save money by paying for your bags in advance. they cost more when you check-in at the airport.

*check-in tip: when you check-in at the airport, ask if you can have a two-seater on the side instead of the big row of seats in the middle of the plane. robbie and i loved having our own little space to cuddle up!

we loved flying with WOW air and definitely recommend the airliner, especially for those looking to travel inexpensively. as Millennials, we know that most people are just looking for a chance to travel and see the world. WOW air helps you do so by keeping costs low. we added up our tickets/luggage and all together our round trip to Europe was around $1,200 for the both of us. yes, you read that right. considering that other airliners would cost that for just one person, that’s a screaming deal! our flights were during the beginning of peak season too. last year i flew to Paris and back for only $440 round trip! from the US, WOW air departs out of Boston, SF, LA, DC, New York, Miami, Pittsburgh, and Chicago. if you’re planning a trip abroad in the near future, WOW air is the perfect airliner to fly! keep scrolling to see more photos from our experience. xx

my airport style:

white tee
light purple duster sweater
distressed boyfriend jeans
neutral Nikes
Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM
gold Raden luggage

thanks to WOW air for our flights to Europe!