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3 Oct

four pieces of advice post NYFW.

dsc_1798-edit-2i’m wrapping up NYFW posts this week and sharing four quick tips on what to do once you’re home from the event!

make a spreadsheet of contacts. i had flagged every single one of my emails regarding anything NYFW. once i got back home, i made a spreadsheet of all my contacts and used the following headers: brand name, PR contact, did i receive an invite, and did i actually go to the event/show. that way, everything was organized and in one place for next season when i start reaching out to brands! there is nothing more valuable than reaching the right person at the right place when it comes to prepping for what will be a hectic week.

send thank yous. whether you believe in the power of a handwritten note or sending a quick email, i feel it’s important to reach back out to those PR contacts with a quick thank you after it’s all over! there’s no doubt that it’ll be appreciated and hopefully lead to an even better experience next go-around. i finished all of mine in less than an hour with a template that was then personalized for each person/brand.

count your expenses. i would have never known how much i actually spent on all my uber rides {$400, yikes} if i hadn’t done this. this also applies to a cost breakdown of clothing, food, and other transportation like flights. that way you know exactly how much you spent and what to expect next season, including how to budget better next season.

start preparing for next season. i mentioned this before, but i made a list of what hotels and photographers other bloggers worked with so i have those contacts already prepped for next season {not to mention restaurants i want to try}. it’s hard to think about the future season{s} after such a whirlwind of a week, but it’ll make it easier to stay organized now rather than going back and having to look through others’ photos in six months.

for a more in-depth breakdown of my experience at NYFW, read:

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for these photos, i collabed on hair with Meg Stringham and Sara from Peace Photo! Meg owns Runway Hair Salon in Draper, UT and i’ve worked with her before. she was out in New York doing hair backstage for a million shows during NYFW and we teamed up for a shoot. in my next post, i’ll be sharing more about the hair styling technique she did on me.

have the best monday, babes! robbie’s birthday is this coming weekend, so we have a short week ahead of us as we are headed to Newport on Thursday! xxdsc_1770-edit dsc_1810 dsc_1783-edit dsc_1790-edit-2 dsc_1778 dsc_1825-edit dsc_1786-edit-2 dsc_1802-edit-2 dsc_1828-edit-2 dsc_1780-edit dsc_1821-edit-2 dsc_1801-edit-2tan lace dress {navy version here}
Valentino hot pink flats
pink Gucci Dionysus {smaller size here & all pink suede version here}
Karen Walker sunglasses c|o Ditto
rose gold watch
Sephora Love Test 11 lipstick
Hidden Crown Hair extensions {wearing #2 Dark Brown}

hair by Meg Stringham

photos by Peace Photo