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7 Dec

get gorgeous, give gorgeous with European Wax Center.

christmas16-4-of-16this is without a doubt the busiest time of the year. from holiday shopping to various parties & events to traveling near & far to see loved ones, we as women are busy! but, it’s important to take a few minutes to pamper ourselves during the craziness of the holiday season. i know i want to look and feel extra beautiful amidst my non-stop schedule in the next few weeks. and that most definitely includes all aspects of my skin! i’m seeing family members, taking seasonal photos, and traveling on the road and in the air. i want my skin to look & feel it’s best! gifting yourself a pampering session is the perfect way to relax before you head to a holiday event or host everyone for dinner. plus, for those of you who have tropical vacations planned during this season, having silky smooth skin is the best way to ensure a boost of confidence.

that being said, i’ve gone to European Wax Center™ for years! i’m a big fan of their brazilian and bikini waxes. you truly feel like a welcome guest and each specialist is highly trained & knowledgeable. i recently started using some of their products that can be bought in-center and are a complete pamper session from head-to-toe. i’m absolutely loving the Ready. Set. Brow!™ Perfect Brow Groomer & Oh My Brow! Brow™ Highlighter from the Strut Boldly™ collection. most of you know i have microbladed eyebrows, but these products help maintain my perfect brow shape.

having super silky legs is important to me during the holidays, too. i’m pretty much always in dresses {and sans-tights thanks to the current warm California weather!} for parties and the Strut Lavishly™ collection has been a lifesaver, specifically the Sensual Strut Body Lotion™. there’s nothing better than having the confidence that smooth legs give you!

for those of you who are going on a tropical getaway, or just want smooth skin for a romantic night out with your significant other, the Smooth Me Ingrown Hair Wipes™ from the Strut Smoothly™ collection are a must! i’ll be packing those for an upcoming vacation because there’s nothing worse than ingrown hairs.

all of these amazing products are meant to help you strut your stuff, but especially help you feel your best during the holiday season. not only can you pamper yourself, but these are such great gifts to give to your girlfriends, sisters, moms, or even co-workers. get gorgeous & give gorgeous with the gift of European Wax Center™ this holiday season! xxchristmas16-6-of-16 christmas16-10-of-16 christmas16-9-of-16 christmas16-13-of-16 christmas16-7-of-16 christmas16-11-of-16 christmas16-12-of-16 christmas16-5-of-16 christmas16b-1-of-1 christmas16-1-of-16 christmas16-14-of-16 christmas16-2-of-16 christmas16-8-of-16 christmas16-3-of-16

thanks to European Wax Center™ for sponsoring this post!