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18 Dec

Gifts for Him: Robbie’s Picks

Excited to share this much requested gift guide: Gifts For Him! Robbie curated these picks and they are all tried and true; he uses all of these items weekly, if not daily. So, without further adieu, Robbie will take it from here!

Robbie: Ladies, I fancy myself to be a connoisseur of the finer things in life and as such I have assembled this list of high quality yet accessible items for your boyfriend, husband, dad, brother, etc. I’m confident each and every one of these gifts will deliver a burst of holiday glee for the man in your life. After all, they all deserve a touch of Desert Money. ;) Enjoy!

1.Under Armour sweatpants: These UA sweatpants are stylish and comfortable, which means they’re prefect for both lounging around the house or going out in a casual athleisure look.

2. Nintendo Switch: This was one of my favorite purchases of the year! Believe it or not, it is the perfect group adult party console! I bought it after playing at a friend’s house and I’ve influenced at least three other friends to buy one as well. You can buy games that work with up to 8 players and the games are all so fun and interactive. It’s kind of like the Wii but a little more chill and just as fun.

3. Curry 7s: I refuse to play basketball in any shoe other than the Under Armour Curry 6 and they just released the newest model of the shoe–the Curry 7–in this cool, limited edition Sour Patch Kids colorway.

4. L’Occitane men’s shave kit: You need to introduce your man to a higher tier of self-care and bring him into a whole new world of French luxury. L’Occitane is top shelf and it will leave your guy feeling fresh and clean after every shave.

5. Saturdays NYC hoodie: I recently discovered the brand Saturdays NYC and I love the simple and clean vibe of their designs. It’s quality apparel and it’s got just the right touch of streetwear vibes without being too flashy.

6. Lululemon Men’s Pace Breaker short: I wear these all day every day in the summer. Again, you need to introduce your man to a whole new world of comfort and help him understand that Lululemon is most certainly not just for women’s leggings. I’ve bought so many Lulu shorts and shirts this year because the quality is unparalleled. The comfort is worth every penny in my opinion.

7. Stance Butter Blend socks: My obsession with Stance needs no introduction. This is the most popular gift I give to friends and family every year. One pair of Stance’s signature Butter Blend socks and your man will never go back to wearing regular socks. Sorry.

8. Trimmer: This is the popular facial hair trimmer I’ve posted about that has a built-in vacuum that sucks up loose hair and prevents those little hairs from going all over the bathroom counter and sink. I don’t know how I ever survived without this, it shaves great and makes clean up so easy.

9. Shoe cleaner: Got to keep my sneaker collection fresh and this stuff works wonders. One little squirt on the brush and a little elbow grease and his kicks will be shining like new.

10. Cremo hair paste: I alternate between L’Occitane and Cremo products because Cremo is great when I need to pick up great grooming products on a quick trip to Target. Cremo has a bunch of quality, wonderfully-smelling men’s hygiene products and they’re available at pretty much every local pharmacy you can think of. I’ve been using their hair paste to style my hair for over a year now and I can’t go back to anything else.