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15 Jun

gym tote.

HaleyNordPhotography-28if you’ve been following me on snapchat {username: sarahktripp}, you know i’ve started to become a regular at SoulCycle since moving to San Francisco! i took a few spin classes in college & loved them. i’ve really been in a bit of a workout rut and going to SoulCycle has been such a fun way to get out of that rut! i always leave feeling energized, motivated, anddddd completely drenched in sweat. it’s a great workout and i love how much you can push yourself each classi’ve definitely gotten stronger from my first ride! this isn’t sponsored by SoulCycle, i just wanted to share how much i love it! it’s a pricey workout, but worth it. i go about twice a week.

i definitely believe that when you look good, you feel good! same goes for exercising. there’s nothing like a new workout outfit to get me motivated to break a sweat! i’ve even recently gotten into LuluLemon and you guyssss! i get the hype! and how fun are these hot pink Zella leggings?!

along with workout outfits comes workout bags. i don’t like to use my regular large handbags for gym use because they just feel too delicate. i’m also not into using a mesh, ugly gym bag. Gym Tote is the perfect solution! these luxurious bags are sturdy, have tons of different storage pockets, and are perfect for a women who heads to the gym before or after work! i love that they are fashionable and can easily be used as an every day bag, as well. below i’ve tried to photograph all of my favorite storage compartments. i’m wearing the Eva Tote in Oak Croc! you can shop all Gym Totes here.

i’m off to an early-morning SoulCycle class with my new blogger friend Tamryn from Wanna Be Fashion Blogger! classes are pricey, but they do have offers where if you ride a certain class on a certain day, you can get a second class on them two days later! awesome, right?! happy workout Wednesday! xx
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pink back detailed tank top
black Jockey sports bra {my favorite sports bra!}
hot pink Zella leggings {on sale!}
custom Nike cheetah sneakers {sold out, love these and these}
gym tote bag c|o
Hidden Crown hair extensions

photos by Haley Nord