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28 Sep

Hosting at Tripp Oasis with Walmart!

we’ve been in our new home almost four months now and i think every single day i say to robbie… “i just love our home!” it’s so fun being first time homeowners–furnishing, decorating, and painting exactly how we want, not having to deal with renting or landlords, and truly making the space our own. when we first moved in, i felt like our house needed to be 100% complete before we hosted anyone. that went out the door pretty quick when i realized that meant we wouldn’t have anyone over for at least a year, haha! it’s no joke furnishing and decorating an entire home from scratch, but once i relaxed and we got a comfy couch, a few barstools, and a kitchen table, we’ve absolutely loved hosting our friends and family in our home!

we’ve truly felt so much joy having game nights, movie parties, dinner dates, etc. we love watching big sports games all together, playing Mario Party on our Nintendo Switch, and sitting around our kitchen table for a good old board game. since we all have busy schedules, a lot of our get-togethers are just thrown together last minute and Walmart saves the day every time when it comes to hosting! Walmart really is a one-stop-shop where i can snag everything i need at once: snacks, treats, drinks, paper goods, serving ware, board games {we like to get a new one every couple months!}, fun little decorations, new video games, etc. i can always count on Walmart for incredible prices, quick convenience, and great quality.

it makes these last-minute gatherings even easier when i can hop online and order my grocery list for pick-up or have items delivered straight to my porch with free NextDay and/or 2 Day shipping. easy peasy! with Baby Tripp on the way, it doesn’t get much more convenient than that. with the new fall season upon us and holidays on the horizon {Halloween is coming up so fast!}, i love that i never feel stressed out about having our friends or family over to our house because Walmart has everything i need as soon as i need it. Walmart’s amazing prices help me save money while throwing fun little parties and enjoying quality time with loved ones! now, pass the popcorn, grab a controller, and let’s get this game night started! xx

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thanks to Walmart for sponsoring this post!