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25 Oct

using LiketoKnow.It: the best way to shop my IG feed.

it should come as no surprise that the most common question i get is: where did you buy that item?! it’s also my favorite question to receive! the other day on IG Stories, i polled my followers all about how they shop my feed and if they’re using the LiketoKnow.It {LTK} app, which is by far the best and easiest way to shop my outfits. i wanted to see how many people used it and if not, why! i do post more content on my Instagram than on my blog typically, and since not every outfit i wear makes it onto my blog i wanted to see if people were shopping all those looks. i received so much great feedback and learned so much that i wanted to do a blog post all about it.

i’ll be showing you exactly how to use the app {including the brand new features that make it so much easier to use!}, how to shop my IG feed if you don’t use the app, and i’ll be addressing all of your concerns that you voiced to me via this poll. i really appreciate all of the feedback, so thank you to those who responded! if you didn’t, i’m sure i’ll be covering most topics you have questions about. you can always email me if there’s something i missed below!

how to use the LiketoKnow.It app {also shared in this post recently, but here’s a refresh}:

  1. download the app {free in the Apple Store!}
  2. ‘like’ a photo on my IG to get all outfit details sent straight to your inbox/app or
  3. screenshot the Instagram post
  4. open the app and instantly shop all my outfit details
  5. voila! the most simple way to shop my looks

if you have opted into getting emails, which was the only way to receive outfit details once upon a time before the app, when you ‘like’ a photo you’ll receive an email. also, once you ‘like’ the photo and you’re signed up for the app, it’ll also appear on the app’s feed. another way to get outfit details via the app is by screenshotting the photo. those details from the screenshot will then appear on your app’s feed too.

‘like’ or screenshot a photo you want to know the details of and it’ll show up right in your LTK app!

now, since downloading the app, i personally have opted out of the emails {i was getting a ton daily}. however, if you have an Android, this is probably the best way to receive details since LTK has not yet made a compatible app for Android users. some of my followers did tell me they were sick of the emails, and thus didn’t always ‘like’ photos since they did not want to necessarily know the outfit details for every photo. you can opt out of emails at any point!

the best {and most convenient} new features on the LTK app!

just last week, a new feature was released which now allows you to ‘follow’ your favorite bloggers in the app! this is such an awesome {and much needed!} feature because now you can easily find outfit details and even scroll through your favorite bloggers’ feed with the links all right there for you! it’s kind of like a mini IG feed, but it’s completely shoppable and super user-friendly. we all know that sometimes screenshotting doesn’t always work {yes, it can be glitchy} and then it’s super frustrating to not get the links! but luckily, if you’re following all of your favorite bloggers, everything will be right there at your finger tips.

you can also always search bloggers by IG name, too! i use the search tool all the time. it wasn’t available when the app first launched, so if you aren’t aware, it’s a great tool to utilize now.

lastly, LTK just added a ‘Discover’ tab to the app as well, so now you can easily sift through categories such as ‘Sale Alert,’ ‘Under $50,’ ‘Home,’ etc. basically, those categories come from the hashtags us bloggers use that are specifically designed for LTK-enabled posts.

see the screenshot below of my LTK profile!

frequently asked questions from followers:

q: i don’t want to download another app and have it take up space on my phone. how can i still shop your outfits on IG?

a: i totally get it! if you don’t have the app, you can always come to my blog to shop my IG feed! at the top of my blog, click the shop tab >>> shop my feed and you can shop the last 40 IG outfits i’ve linked! you do not have to have an LTK account or anything to shop. click here to view how this page works! also, if you ever want a link for something, feel free to email or DM me. i always respond in a timely manner and am happy to send you a link to the item you like!

q: can you just tag the brands in your photos? i like when bloggers do that.

a: i rarely tag brands anymore in my photos, and i promise i have a good reason. i come from a retail background; i worked at Nordstrom for years. at Nordstrom, sales people are more like personal shoppers and treated as such. we help men and women style their wardrobes, shop the latest trends, and form lasting relationships with many of our customers. they trust our ability to help them. we earn a commission from sales because of it. as a blogger, i treat it the same way. i spend countless hours shopping for the latest trends, styling my looks, photographing them, telling you how to wear those trends, etc. this is my job! because of this, i too would like a commission for my work, and above all it is a part of my income. i use the affiliate company rewardStyle, who owns LTK, to grow my business and make money. thus, i don’t tag brands because by linking my outfits, i’ve already done the hard work for you! a lot of my followers said they will see where an item is tagged, go to that retailer, and search for it. but that’s literally the most difficult way to do it! i’ve already done all that for you, all you need is the link i’ve created through LTK. as mentioned, you can shop my feed via the LTK app, my ‘shop the feed’ tab on my site, and of course feel free to ask me for a specific link to an item at anytime.

q: why do you not always link the specific item? it’s frustrating when it’s not exact, or not similar enough for me.

a: trust me when i say, it’s just as frustrating for me when the exact item can’t be linked. there’s a few reasons why. one, it sold out already. by the time i order something, get it styled & photographed, and blog the outfit, sometimes that item is already sold out. i’ve been trying to be better about this and i actually shoot about once a week in order to get content up quickly. another reason: not all retailers are linkable. there’s a few out there {looking at you, Zara} that have not yet joined rewardStyle and LTK. if so, i always link something similar and in that case i will tag the brand in the photo. and lastly, if an item is on the more pricey side {usually over $150}, i will find something to link to replace what i actually bought or link both options. i’m sorry these instances happen, but i do try my best to find what i think is most similar!

q: i have an Android and can’t shop via the LTK app. can you post more swipe ups on IG Stories?

a: absolutely! i will for sure be better about this. it’s not something i really thought about before, so i’m glad quite a few of you mentioned this. i will work on linking my outfits with the swipe up feature more regularly. also, you can easily shop my IG feed from my site here and you can still receive emails from LTK if you can’t download the app.

q: isn’t LTK annoying?!

a: haha this made me laugh because so many people said this! in all reality, it’s constantly being improved and i truly think that the new features make it a lot easier {search tool/being able to follow your favorite feeds/the Discover tab}. as always, happy to send you direct links if you’d like!


i did ask a few people about their shopping habits if they don’t use the LTK app to shop and they mentioned they prefer to come to my IG feed for inspo and actually shop my blog posts. i will definitely work on putting up more IG roundups on my blog about once a month, that way you can shop my IG feed from here on SRL {looks like this}.

others mentioned that the actual items linked are beyond their price range sometimes, and while i do love certain designer brands, i’ve been trying to incorporate more and more budget friendly options {did you catch my recent collab with kmart?!}. i have a super fun holiday collab coming up with Walmart, too! i will always love my designer bags, but i’ve been trying to be more price-conscious and wear pieces all under $100 or less. will continue to work on that!

that all being said, thank you so much to everyone who gave me great feedback & took the time to read this post! it was eye-opening to hear your frustrations, concerns, and questions. i hope this post helps! i’m always happy to chat via DM, so if you have anything else you’d like to share with me, feel free to reach out. happy IG shopping! xx