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13 Feb

i <3 you.

love7“On this first day of forever
our future looks so great
Surreal that on this night one year ago
was the eve of our first date
I loved you before I knew I did
From the beginning I saw something in your smile
I felt a warmth inside your glow
And knew it would last a while
You were sweet and kind
and everything I ever wanted
I loved your fancy style
And how you were never afraid to flaunt it
This past year has been a blessing
A special and tender season
My life has shined like never before
And Sarah Tripp, you are the reason
So on this first day of forever
I vow to relish our new beginnings
to put icing on the cake of life
and decorate it with all the trimmings
On this first day of forever
I promise to always hold you tight
to cherish you every day
and to kiss you every night
On this first day of forever
I promise to love you more than I do today
increasing every single minute
and in every single way
On this first day of forever
I’ll never forget how beautiful you look
How stunning you look all dressed in white
Like a princess from a book
On this first day of forever
we’ve only just begun
We have so many days to spend together
So many settings of the sun
On this first day of forever
it’s no longer just me, it’s us
I promise to always be your rock
Giving you my loyalty and trust
On this first day of forever
I’m finally your husband, and you my wife
I can’t wait to share this world with you
for the rest of our forever lives
So Sarah this one is just for you
just like so many i’ve written before
But this one feels the best of all,
Because we finally have forever in store”
-written for me by my husband Robbie,
read at our wedding reception on
May 10th, 2014


DSC_5100-23love3DSC_0015-17 DSC_0019-18 DSC_0047-39 DSC_0023-19 DSC_5105-24 DSC_0027-21



DSC_0024-20love2DSC_5068-6 DSC_5125-30 DSC_5071-7 DSC_5075-9 DSC_5074-8 DSC_5079-10 DSC_5133-32 DSC_5081-11 DSC_5111-27 DSC_5088-13loveblouse & skirt set: ASOS {here & here make sure to go down a size in top, wish i would have}
heels: J. Crew {similar}
heart bracelet: J. Crew
earrings: Banana Republic {wedding earrings!}
lips: combo of Ruby Woo & MAC Red
braid: h2blow:

location: SugarHouse mural

photos by Chantel Marie Photography