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24 May

the importance of hydration with L’Occitane.

i’ve really been honing in on my skincare routine over the last few months. at the end of 2017, i was having break outs on break outs and couldn’t get it under control. call it holiday season, end of year stress, lack of sleep, lack of eating well, not taking care of my skin the way i should, winter weather, etc, but i needed a change. since January, i’ve been testing various products and getting into more of a groove with my skincare.

i first started using L’Occitane products more routinely in the beginning of this year {bath, body, skincare, etc.} and have seen so many amazing changes in my skin! i previously used the Divine collection, but in April i was given the new Aqua Reotier collection to try before it launched in May. the collection is all about using Reotier spring water in Provence as an ultra hydrating recharge. a water-based product that keeps my skin glowing and moisturized all day long makes sense to me!

while i have been using the entire line, the Aqua Reotier Water Gel Cleanser and Aqua Reotier Ultra-Thirst Quenching Cream are my two favorite products in the collection. after using these products for over a month now, my skin feels more plump, healthy-looking, and doesn’t feel dry. i was always told that drinking a lot of water would help clear up my skin {which it has}, but now i’m also hydrating on the outside as well and it’s made all the difference. in fact, Robbie has been using the cream, too, and loves it! we have nothing but love for our L’Occi family because every product we’ve both ever used {he LOVES the shaving products} leaves our skin feeling refreshed and more healthy. be sure to shop the entire Aqua Reotier Collection here and keep scrolling to see how i use these new L’Occitane products! xx

Aqua Reotier Water Gel Cleanser c|o L’Occitane
Aqua Reotier Moisture Prep Essence c|o L’Occitane
Aqua Reotier Ultra-Thirst Quenching Gel c|o L’Occitane
Aqua Reotier Ultra-Thirst Quenching Cream c|o L’Occitane
Aqua Reotier Fresh Moisturizing Mist c|o L’Occitane

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