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29 Aug

in-home session.

i’m so excited to share with you these cozy in-home photos Alice Che shot for us a few weekends ago! we had the best time hanging out with her on a sunny Saturday morning in our own home. there’s something so special about having memories like this in our own space and spending an entire shoot just snuggling & loving on each other. we love our little space here in San Francisco and these are photos i’ll always cherish. Alice is a Bay Area photographer and she’s the sweetest!

i’m oversharing photos today, but i just love them all! i figured that today’s post would be a great time to talk about our relationship and share some things that you all might not know about us. i asked robbie to guest write about our love, and i definitely got a little teary-eyed after i read his beautiful words below. {this is the guy who wrote my poem after poem when we first started dating, so you know his words always make me swoon.} thankful for such a thoughtful, loving man who always encourages me to live my dreams.

here’s to love & a happy monday, friends! xx


I love Sarah Tripp. Even more than two years into our marriage, I still love the sound of her name with my last name attached to it. She’s everything I’ve ever wanted.

When I first began talking to Sarah, I was going to school in California and she in Utah. We initially connected through social media where we exchanged phone numbers, after which I blitzed her with a random FaceTime call the next evening. We had yet to even speak on the phone, but subtlety has never been a characteristic of mine. Sarah had just returned home from a late workout, and answered the video call sweating with no make-up on. When her doll face popped up on my screen, I was sure she was as beautiful as any girl I’d ever seen, make up or not. As we continued talking, my attraction only grew stronger. For the next couple weeks, we would FaceTime in our little college apartments at the close of each day, me at my kitchen table when my roommates were asleep, and Sarah at her study desk.

During these FaceTime flirtations, I was instantly drawn to how intelligent and accomplished she was. I remember repeatedly thinking, she’s so legit. When I would tell friends and family about this cute new girl I had been talking to recently, that’s what I would say: “She’s just legit.” She had traveled the world, volunteered on a presidential political campaign, read important books, etc. I had never met a girl quite like Sarah before. During one of our first conversations, we were talking about music and she said to me: “There are times I listen to music for entertainment, and then there are times where I want to feel something.” I’d never met a girl who talked like that. This incredibly beautiful Las Vegas girl had every ounce of my attention. After that very first FaceTime conversation, I couldn’t seem to erase a smile off my face or remove the lightest of butterflies in my stomach. Lying in bed with my iPhone 4 screen illuminating my face, I sent Sarah this one last text before turning over to go to sleep: Well, Sarah Kathryn, you’ve officially intrigued me. I would like to pursue you. (As I said, beating around the bush has never really been my style.) Sarah, in her trademark sexy sassiness, simply replied: Game on :)

That first conversation took place three years ago, and today I couldn’t feel luckier to share a life, a home, and a bed with this sweet girl. I love our life together. I love our love. I love that we wrap ourselves around each other at night and say the silliest things until we can’t stop laughing. I love that we have our own little cutesy language and pet names for each other that we only speak when we’re alone because other people would think we are so weird if they heard it. I love that I married a girl who will watch a foreign film with subtitles with me. I love how Sarah licks her lips when she’s focusing really hard on reading something, and how she whispers to herself when she’s sending a really important email or text. I love the way she twists and turns and looks in the mirror the same exact way whenever she’s getting ready. I love how excited she gets every day when packages come in the mail, and she gets to try on new clothes in front of me. I love how she is the snuggliest person in the world, and loves nothing more than the simple pleasure of lying in bed and watching a good TV show. I love how hard she laughs at typos and puns. My favorite noise in the world is a good hearty Sarah laugh. I cherish the fact that I got to be the person who helped her realize that her body is truly a work of art, and that she should be 100 percent confident in the sensual femininity that she projects with her figure that belongs in a 17th century painting. I love how she’ll never leave the house without looking presentable, and that her respect for designer pieces borders on sacred. I feel so blessed that we get to live in a beautiful city where we get to wake up and work side by side on our laptops in bed, on the couch, or at our kitchen table, just the two of us making tiny movements toward our dreams, together.

I made Sarah a promise when we were dating that I would do whatever I could to satisfy any snack craving she ever had, even if it meant leaving the house at midnight to go to the store or a drive-thru window. Within reason, I’ve kept that promise pretty well. I think it’s little promises like this that a successful relationship is built upon. Other promises we’ve made to each other are that we never ever say “shut up”, we always kiss after we pray, and we support one another’s dreams no matter what. As big as our ambitions are, our number one goal is to always make sure the other person feels loved and cared for. So whether it’s running to Walgreens on a Sunday afternoon to overpay for double stuffed Oreos or being front row center at her latest fashion event, I consider myself lucky to be that person for Sarah. From now until forever, the best days of my life have been the ones that include Sarah Tripp—the day I met her, the day I proposed to her, the day I married her, etc. I know that no accomplishment of mine will ever be complete without Sarah to celebrate it with. Most everything I do each day centers around my passion for creativity and working to get my work out into the world, but all that falls secondary to my knowledge that my greatest creation will always be the life I’ve built with my Mrs. Tripp.
– Robbie

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photos by Alice Che