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6 Mar

it’s all in the details.

happy monday! today i wanted to chat about adding personal details to each of my outfits. i’m a planner, which means when it comes to shooting photos, each outfit has to be perfectly steamed, have a matching lipstick, and truly represent my style. you all know i share sponsored content, meaning brands pay me to review their products/clothing, but i also like to buy a lot of my own clothing. this way each outfit truly represents who i am!

it’s easy for me to find what i love and share it with you, because i’ve been doing it for almost four years on Sassy Red Lipstick, plus all the years before i even started my blog! fashion has been a lifelong passion for me. throughout the years, i’ve learned that it’s all about finding pieces that truly fit my style and preferences. for example, when i found this rose-colored coat, i thought it was a gorgeous color, but it was the cheetah pockets that stood out! you know i love cheetah print and these pockets make this coat a statement piece.

bags and shoes are my weakness, but i’m also very particular when it comes to them. it takes me months to decide on a designer bag and i always read reviews, watch YouTube videos, and even try on the bag multiple times before i make a purchase. while my process for buying shoes is less detailed, these days i only buy quality shoes. i look for things like a leather sole, comfort, and especially something that’s unique. for NYFW, i knew i wanted to bring a pair of gold sparkly shoes with me. i looked high & low and most of my options were either cheap pairs under $40 that i knew would fall apart or outrageously expensive pairs for over $400. i finally came across these Kate Spade booties on eBay that met my price range in the middle and i knew they would be high quality. i love searching for items that i know i’ll love, and not just settling on the first thing i find!

last, i like to add jewelry and a lipstick to my outfits. as i’ve gotten older, i’ve really come to love more minimal jewelry. i love wearing several thin rings and midi rings, a pair of stud earrings, and a dainty necklace or choker. i’ll wear a statement earring when appropriate, but most days you’ll find me wearing minimal jewelry. i love Katie Dean Jewelry for that exact reason! it’s minimal & dainty while still being unique. for every blog post, date night, or even just out and about, you’ll always find me with a swipe of lipstick on, too. i love matching my lipstick to my outfit and feel it helps pull everything together. it’s always the last product i put on before i head out the door!

i just wanted to share my thought process of adding in details to my outfits, as i always receive questions about styling. i hope this helps you make each outfit your own! have the best day! xx pink coat with cheetah pockets
black knit top c|o Amour Vert
Frame distressed denim {similar here}
gold glitter booties
YSL camel scarf
crystal choker c|o Katie Dean Jewelry
small pink Chanel handbag c|o Trendlee
bp round sunglasses
Patina liquid lipstick

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photos by Laurel Creative