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1 Jun

life recap: home edition

we moved into #TrippOasis this week, which means we are officially homeowners! and it feels SO good! we spent Thursday and Friday unpacking and organizing with the Neat Method, so we are also 90% unpacked, too. thus, the bit of radio silence here on my blog the last few weeks, but i promise to get back in the swing of things this coming week! i’ve received a million questions about our home, moving, organizing, what we’ve purchased thus far, etc. so i thought i’d round it all up in one place today for you. this post is going to be a bit of a hodgepodge, so bear with me.


moving/packing info:

we worked with the Neat Method to help us edit, pack, unpack, and organize from our rental to our new home! it’s hand down the most amazing home organizing service, and even though it was a partnership, i’m 100% hiring them for future projects as well. couldn’t recommend them more! you can see the entire process on my Highlight Story “Neat Method” over on IG. they are in 52 cities here in the US, so most likely you can hire them, too! cost totally depends on your area and the space you are packing/organizing, so be sure to send them an inquiry to get an estimate. i specifically worked with Lauren and Emmaley!

we hired local movers to do the actual heavy lifting {Joseph’s Moving}, and this was another extremely good decision on our part {why haven’t we done this before?!}. they were professional, quick, and efficient. we were moved out of our rental and into our home in THREE HOURS. we didn’t move a ton of furniture, but still so impressed. the cost is by hour and affordable!


specific home questions:

our kitchen countertops are quartz Silestone in Pulsar {here}.

the color on our walls is Accessible Beige by Sherwin Williams.

the baseboards are Extra White by Sherwin Williams, and it’s the same color we painted the bathroom, too.

here is the tufted bed we bought in white {using our same mattress}! we’ve slept in it one night and are already in love. it’s so regal! it’s available from multiple vendors, but we got our from Amazon and had them assemble it, too.

mirrored gold dresser here and matching nightstands are here.

my huge gold floor mirror is here.

in my pantry that the Neat Method organized, these are the specific containers we used from The Container Store {25% off until the end of June!}:

the couch we ordered from Arhaus is here {we added on to it, too}. it won’t be here for a few months because we special ordered the fabric {called Tania Cashmere}. it’s SO comfy and their #1 selling sectional.

during Memorial Day sales, i ordered this coffee table {will be here next week} and this bedding in white for our master bedroom.

our washer and dryer are being installed today and we ordered this and this with these risers! love the red!!! i want to do fun red gingham wallpaper in laundry room.

our white and brushed bronze fridge is here! as soon as i was introduced to this appliance brand last year, i knew i couldn’t live without it. it’s so chic and trendy!

we just purchased our dream tv {been wanting it for over a year!}! it’s the 65″ and we are just waiting on the white frame to come in so we can mount it! why do we love it?! because it looks like art when it’s not on!

we are ordering our guest mattress + bed from Leesa! heard so many great things about this bed! they are currently having a 15% off sale.

we are ordering all new towels for every bathroom and i have my eye on these! a lot of you recommended them.

it’s definitely going to take a few months to furnish the entire home, but my goal is get everything done before Baby Tripp gets here in October! can’t wait to bring you all along!


Baby Tripp update:

i shared my 20 week update here! this week, i’m feeling baby move more and more. it’s usually when i’m relaxed and laying down in bed {morning and night}, but it’s the most fun thing ever!

i know so many of you have asked about our gender reveal and we promise it’s coming! to be transparent, we had so much going on with the house that taking photos for it definitely went on the back burner. we’ve known the gender since the end of April though, so we definitely will be sharing soon! and i can’t wait to show you all the fun baby clothes i’ve purchased/received since finding out {!!!!!!}.

as for me, i’m definitely starting to feel a bit uncomfortable. by the end of the day {who are we kidding, mid day haha}, my back aches. if i’ve been standing and moving around a ton {AKA moving homes, taking meetings in NYC, etc.}, my ankles are swollen by the end of the night. my belly just feels heavy, so sleeping has gotten more tricky too. i finally bought this pregnancy pillow and it’s been a game changer! i use my tempurpedic pillow, so i actually use it upside down, and thus why i went with a U shaped pillow and not the C shape. next, i have my eye on this belly band {other suggestions welcome!!} and would love your recs for compression socks, too!


what i’ve purchased recently:

just ordered this red maternity bikini! love how sassy it is.

i’ve started to look for comfy nursing bras, as my own bras are getting too small {the band} and i wanted to get a jump start on hunting down the perfect nursing bra. i have a few coming from Soma {here, here, and here}. have you tried any of these!?

i loved this set so much, i ordered it in white as well {1x in the top and xl in the skirt}! wearing it as we speak actually!

i placed an Anthro order a few weeks ago and have been loving this yellow floral jumpsuit, this lilac dress {pictured above!}, and this blue dress {back in stock!!!}. you’ve probably seen me wear all of these on IG Stories a few times! wearing the xl in the first two and a size 12 in the blue.

i’m going to be doing another Walmart try-on haul soon because you all loved the last one! here’s a few items i’m loving:

hope this post was helpful for everyone asking home questions! feel free to leave any questions or things i missed below! xx

linking my outfit pictured above here: