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it’s no secret that i have a sincere obsession with lipstick. i love putting on a bold lip and instantly feeling like i can take on the world. lipstick is such a strong yet feminine statement. whether it’s for the boardroom or an evening out, lipstick is a beautiful way for women to express their womanhood. as little girls, we grow up watching our mothers and other female role models put on lipstick and imagine ourselves doing the same when we become a big girl. lipstick is much more than just a fashion accessory, it has come to be a hallmark of our gender.

as you can see, when it comes to lipstick, this girl doesn’t mess around. so here are my top picks for these lips:

M.A.C. Red
Candy Yum Yum by M.A.C.
Sephora’s Love Test 11
Pink Nouveau by M.A.C.
Snob by M.A.C.
Pink Pout by Revlon
Sassy Mauve by Revlon
Fresh Moroccan by M.A.C.
Rebel by M.A.C.
Heroine by M.A.C.
Faux by M.A.C.