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26 Oct

loser, loner, whatever… Clueless Halloween!

a few weeks ago, i texted my bestie SF girl gang {Tamryn from Wannabe Fashion Blogger and Veronica from Lombard and Fifth} and told them: “how epic would it be to do a Clueless inspired Halloween shoot?!” it was a resounding YES from all parties and here we are! i present to you the 2018 version of Clueless: lots of sass, lots of plaid, and plenty of Chanel. nothing quite like channeling your inner Cher Horowitz with your own best girlfriends and giving a nod to the 90s! we had so much fun putting together these looks and texting each other a million photos. looks like all these designer purchases finally paid off, haha! happy Halloween from my squad to yours….but like, WHATEVER.

a little back story: we shot this early one Saturday morning at the San Francisco City Hall steps. Robbie shot all the photos and Tamryn and Veronica brought their computers so they could upload all the photos from our camera card immediately rather than us having to send all the files via email. makes perfect sense right? well, when we plugged in the camera card to their computer….POOF! the folder window crashed. we reinserted the card and… all the images were gone. GONE. along with ALL of our Hawaii pics and a sponsored campaign we shot while there. i think i was in shock because i didn’t even react at the time. we were all stunned, none of us had ever had that happen before. but we had to make a decision. so rather than having to realign schedules again for another shoot another day, we just decided to do it all again right then and there since we were obviously all dressed already. the second shoot was obviously full of even more SASS for that reason haha! luckily, when we got home later that day Robbie was able to save the day by finding a software program that can scan memory cards and retrieve deleted photos!!! needless to say, that was a stressful moment for us since our careers revolve around photos and what’s on that memory card haha!

my outfit:

Veronica’s outfit:

Tamryn’s outfit: