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28 Oct

mermaid of the san francisco bay.

img_4128happy friday! i hope you get to carve pumpkins, attend halloween parties, and eat alllll the candy your heart desires.

i’m so excited to share with you my halloween look this year! since this was the first time we’ve lived by the ocean, i knew i had to do a mermaid theme and channel my inner Ariel. i found this shimmery green dress and decided to get my hair and mermaid makeup done by beGlammed as a fun and simple way to dress up!

beGlammed is an awesome on-demand beauty service that’s available in many cities in the US and Canada. basically, instead of running from appointment to appointment to get hair and makeup done for any event or party {there’s even bridal packages!}, professionals come to you! it’s the best! my mermaid hair and makeup was done in less than three hours at home and all i had to do was slip on my dress and head to my shoot location. no stress, so easy, and all payment is done via their website or app. you can use code ‘SARAH20‘ to get 20% off beauty services for a limited time!

we shot these photos at Marshall’s Beach, which is just north of Baker Beach and the Golden Gate Bridge. this beach is way less crowded than Baker and the view is still unreal. it’s a bit of a hike down, but so worth it! we were there just in time for sunset and i can’t get over the lighting in these photos! i’m definitely oversharing me frolicking on this beach and in the breaking waves pretending to be a mermaid, but i just loved this shoot. anddd i definitely got half my dress wet at one point! but life in the sea is better than anything they’ve got up there! ;]

thanks for reading, babes! have the best weekend. xximg_4072 img_3962 img_4088 img_4044 img_4033 img_4049 img_3763 img_3679 img_3985 img_3889 img_4040 img_3959 img_3841 img_3998 img_4092 img_3680 img_3797 img_3846 img_4133 img_4050 img_4086 img_4151 img_4073 img_3839 img_4087 img_4065 img_3775 img_4021 img_3973 img_3830 img_4148 img_4115 img_3978 img_3815 img_3787 img_4118 img_3971 img_4068 img_4144 img_3799 img_3991 img_4066green shimmer wrap dress {navy color here}
starfish hairpins
mermaid makeup and hairstyle c|o beGlammed

photos by Lisha Wang