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15 Aug

Miami Swim Week recap.

this was my first time attending Miami Swim Week, and robbie & i had a blast! we traveled with Visit Florida and were invited to all the shows by SWIMMIAMI through The Riviere Agency {they also invite me to shows during NYFW each season too!}. while we have been to Miami before, this was our first time truly experiencing South Beach. i already blogged all about where we stayed, so i wanted to share a recap of the Miami Swim Week events we attended {it was so fun to have robbie come with me to everything} and a little bit about some of our favorite things to do in South Beach. keep scrolling to read all about our trip to Florida! all outfits are linked at the bottom. xx

as you can imagine, we definitely took advantage of the beautiful beaches of South Beach, even with the crazy schedule of Swim Week! luckily, the shows actually didn’t start until 6pm and most of them went until about 11pm or even midnight {they don’t necessarily run on time, similar to NYFW}. during the day, i did have meetings with brands or robbie & i had obligations with the hotel we were staying out. luckily, that meant we could squeeze in an hour or two of hanging out at the beach here and there! the heat & humidity is so real, so i totally understand why the shows didn’t start until the evening. not all of them are outside, but every brand debuting at the W South Beach is at the Wet Deck.

Thursday night there was a opening party hosted by Sports Illustrated! there was a live DJ, a preview of the brand new SI Swim collection, a special performance by Wale, and of course drinks on the house. as this was my first time, i wasn’t sure what to expect clothing wise. next year, i’ll be bringing a lot more stilettos and tighter dresses, Miami style!

friday, the first official day of shows, i wore this bright look for the evening. the first show was hosted by HAMMOCK and basically a preview of 2-4 looks from every brand showing during Swim Week. it was about an hour, which is super long for a runway show as they are usually 15-20 mins, but so fun! that night we also saw the newest collections from Silvia Ulson {she’s a Brazilian designer} and KOA Swim. KOA had mermaids swimming around the pool while the models walked down the runway, and it was easily my favorite presentation for a show.

the W South Beach venue is so so gorgeous. shows started before the sun was down, so getting to watch the sunset each night was amazing.

loved sharing this experience with Robbie! Swim Week was the first time he’s been to any runway shows!

my favorite part about South Beach are all of the colorful lifeguard stands! each one is painted and shaped differently. this one specifically is off 10th street and i just loved how it reminded me of Barbie! my Chanel surfboard tee can be found here and my colorful bracelets are here.

sooooo many friends and followers recommended that we go to Yardbird for brunch or dinner. we opted for brunch, and it did not disappoint! it’s southern cooking, and while we actually didn’t get any fried chicken, every single thing we ordered was delicious. we made a reservation for a Saturday morning, but because we went at 9am {before i had meetings with brands}, it wasn’t crowded at all. add this to your list of foodie stops in South Beach the next time you’re here! also, there’s one in Vegas so we can’t wait to take my parents next time we are home.

the new swimwear brand SOLUNA SWIM is launching in November and invited me to their suite at the W South Beach for a little pampering session! The DryBar gave me one of their classic ‘mai tai’ styles pictured above and i was given a massage + reflexology by Bliss Spa. not only was it a relaxing morning, but the people who work for SOLUNA are so amazing and i can’t wait to share more about the brand with you in a few months!

a sneak peek of the SOLUNA collection above!

a few more shots of the colorful lifeguard stands! the above photo is one of my favorites of me and robbie from our trip, taken by Kailee Judd.

Saturday night, we watched the collections from  Gottex, the debut of the Sports Illustrated swim line, and Lila Nikole. my very favorite show was the SI Swim launch because they had several curvy models and it was so amazing to see body diversity. the support from the crowd was palpable and it made me so proud to see barriers in the fashion world being broken. it’s a night i won’t forget!

Miami Swim Week was such a fun experience! while we decided not to cram everything in and see every single show, robbie and i had a great time and loved Miami. i actually didn’t end up going to any of the trade shows, but still made meaningful connections and can’t wait to work with so many of the amazing brands i saw & share them with you! Sunday was the last day of shows, but we left that morning for Palm Beach. i have just a one more Miami blog post coming soon before moving onto our time at Palm Beach!

thanks to Visit Florida for sponsoring our trip!