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5 Aug

Miami Swim Week with Aerie!

robbie and i attended Miami Swim Week last year {posts here, here, and here} and had a blast! it’s such a different scene than NYFW and we absolutely love South Beach. when we were planning our trip with L’Occitane to Provence, we planned on tacking on a Paris trip after. however, i was invited to attend Miami Swim Week with Aerie, be in their first ever Miami Swim Week show, and speak on an Aerie Real Panel… and long-story short our France plans promptly changed. i was so, so honored to be included in such an important and inspiring event during Swim Week!

i’ve been wearing Aerie for a few years and working with them for the last year and a half. they are such an inspiring brand and really changing the game. in fact, just the other week their latest campaign went absolutely viral, as it depicted very diverse model of all shapes, sizes, ethnicities, and even disabilities {see the campaign here and be sure to scroll down and watch the video}! this is true representation and makes me tear up just thinking about how many women feel like they can relate to these models! it’s such a breath of fresh air and why i love Aerie so much.

being able to work with a brand who is all about inclusivity, body positivity, and sharing only real, unretouched images has been one of the highlights of my career and my own body positivity platform. during the Aerie Real Talk, Iskra asked each one of us why we loved Aerie and my answer was simple: i feel like i belong at Aerie. i’m an in-betweenie {size 10/12} and not quite plus size, but on the larger end of straight sizes. Aerie accepts my stretch marks and tummy rolls; they accept my thick thighs and soft parts. AND they make me feel like all those things are normal {which they are!}.

it was such an inspiring day to chat & walk with Iskra, Mama Caxx, Nina, Bree, and other women of various shapes, sizes, diversities, sexual orientations, disabilities, etc. Aerie is such a light in the fashion/body positivity world, and i’m so happy to be included in their Aerie Real family.

keep scrolling to see photos from Miami Swim Week with Aerie and shop all the Aerie looks i wore below! xx

Aerie Real Talk panelists: Nina, Mama Caxx, Iskra, me

Aerie Real models for the runway show:
Gilly, Bree, Bri, Jocelyn, me, Mama Caxx, Iskra

Bree, Iskra, and me

thanks so much to Aerie for inviting me to Miami Swim Week and sponsoring this incredible event!