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29 Dec

My Custom Skincare Routine with Agency

I feel like I’ve talked so much about skincare the last few years because, to be honest, my skin has been all over the place as I’ve gotten older. In high school I feel like I had pretty good skin overall. Of course I had the typical teenage zits here and there but they’d typically just go away with time and maybe a basic spot treatment here and there. However, as I’ve matured into a woman and all that comes with that, I’ve definitely been forced to develop a more comprehensive skincare routine to deal with hormonal and adult acne. That’s why I’m excited to share why I’ve been subscribing to Agency over the past year!

Agency allows you to create custom skincare formulas backed by research, tailor made for YOU. Not too long ago, “skincare” meant buying a couple bottles of a “one size fits all” face wash and moisturizer at your local drug store. But Agency is innovating an entirely new wave of skincare that takes into consideration your skin’s daily needs and long-term goals. It’s smart, convenient, and most importantly… it works!

My Custom Skincare Routine with Agency | Sassy Red Lipstick

My skincare journey with Agency began when I sent in photos of my skin to one of their licensed dermatology providers and included my goals as well (fade dark spots, treat clogged pores, improve skin texture, etc.) After my information was reviewed by one of Agency’s licensed dermatology provider, I was given a custom formula with prescription ingredients created for me and my skin! Every two months they send me a new box of product, and my licensed dermatology provider can continue to switch up my formula based on how things are going. It is truly personal and customizable every step of the way.

Whenever I share my skincare routine, I always receive so many questions about ingredients, application, etc. so I figured I’d share some quick FAQs that people typically have about using Agency. This way you can make a decision on if its right for you!

My Custom Skincare Routine with Agency | Sassy Red Lipstick

What is the Future Formula you’re using?

The Future Formula (yellow bottle) is my custom cream made for me! My Agency dermatology provider designed this formula based on my needs and goals. After your provider reviews your photos and additional info, they’ll prescribe you custom ingredients—at a custom strength—that will make up your very own Future Formula! As I mentioned above, you can check in every couple months to see how your skin is doing, and if needed, Agency will adjust your prescription to ensure it is always the right fit for you!

My Custom Skincare Routine with Agency | Sassy Red Lipstick

Okay, now what is the Dark Spot Formula?

This was one of the things that first drew me to Agency! I have lots of little marks/spots along my chin and jawline. The Dark Spot Formula is a personalized corrector that works with your Future Formula to help fade areas of darkened skin such as melasma and other types of hyperpigmentation. As always, it contains prescription ingredients at custom strengths selected for your unique skin.

I really like the ease and convenience of having a customized skincare routine mailed to me and I recommend Agency to anyone who’s been looking for a more comprehensive approach to their skincare.

My Custom Skincare Routine with Agency | Sassy Red Lipstick

Last, one of the best parts about Agency is that they offer a  90-day guarantee! Love it, or your money back. Also, they have easy and free cancellation for anyone who changes  their mind or just wants to opt out. Nothing to lose!

Click here to sign up for Agency and get customized skincare delivered to your doorstep. (This link will also give you a 30-day free trial. Just pay $4.95 shipping and handling.)

My Custom Skincare Routine with Agency | Sassy Red Lipstick

Thanks to Agency for sponsoring this post!